Shinedown Announce New Album and Drop New Single, ‘Planet Zero’


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Shinedown’s new album is about moving forward “together with empathy, perseverance and strength,” vocalist Brent Smith says

After months of teasing it, Brent Smith and the Shinedown crew have announced their upcoming seventh studio album, called “Planet Zero,” out this spring. The band has also released the title track off the new record, which can be streamed below.

As for what to expect stylistically from “Planet Zero,” Shinedown promise a more intimate, stripped-down sound. The band’s previous album, “ATTENTION ATTENTION,” featured big production and an electrified-plugged in approach, so this takes things one step back. According to Smith, the theme of the album is geared towards the modern day experience.

“If we shut each other down and allow ourselves to be divided by the information we consume and the way we talk to each other, we lose our humanity,” Smith said of the release in a statement. “When you look outside of your phone, you’ll see there are so many people doing good things and trying to take care of each other. But we’re starting to see parts of society slip into an unknown.”

He added, “Planet Zero was written for all of us. The fact is that we’re all here on this planet no matter what, so it’s time to actually move forward together with empathy, perseverance and strength. With that said… Welcome to Planet Zero.”

Smith previously told New Jersey’s 95.9 The Rat that the band “wanted to push everything to the front” with the new album, “and what I mean by that is, we’ve proven that we can make these records that there’s a lot of musicianship involved in it, and we have layered our records over the years because we love music and we love sound and we love big, epic… we try to make really cinematic records.”

The new album will arrive April 22 via Atlantic Records. To pre-order the album, go here, and to download or stream the single, go here.

The news comes as Shinedown prep to set off on their first tour of 2022 Wednesday (Jan. 26), beginning with a gig in San Francisco, California, at The Warfield. View Shinedown’s full list of upcoming Shinedown tour dates here.

The band also released their “ATTENTION ATTENTION” feature film last year. For more information on Shinedown’s film, head here.

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