Oigs Fest Bringing a Range of Michigan Metal Bands to Lansing


Detroit metal band Centenary

Centenary – Story by Anne Erickson, courtesy photo via Centenary

Local Music Beat: This edition of the column discusses Lansing, Michigan’s Oigs Fest V, featuring a plethora of Michigan metal acts

Oigs Fest is an annual metal tradition in Lansing, Michigan, but like most events over the past few years, the festival was put on hold due to the pandemic. The last Oigs Fest took place on Feb. 29, 2020, just a few weeks before the world was thrust into that global pandemic, with concerts taking a lengthy hiatus.

Fast-forward to today, and Oigs Fest is back on- Oigs Fest V, to be exact. The event used to take place at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, but with Mac’s gone, its new venue is the popular Avenue Cafe, just down the street.

This year’s lineup is packed with solid metal bands mainly from Michigan, including Centenary (pictured above), Nagazi, Recorruptor, Burial Party, Drink Their Blood, Hokori, Locust Point, Iron Mountain, Lucius Fox and Bloody Butterflies. Doors open at 4 p.m. this Saturday (March 19) at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing. Tickets are $10, with no pre-sales, so get there early to snag a spot. The show is 21 and over.

“I am super ecstatic to bring Oigs Fest back this year with such a talented and diverse lineup to the current home base of the Lansing music scene, The Avenue Cafe!” Bradley van Dutchman tells Audio Ink Radio. “With having to take 2021 off due to COVID, this feels very special to have the event back and at a new home that is stoked to have it!”

“I have tried not to take anything for granted and savor everything as I have gotten older, but after the last couple years, I feel like I soak live music in for every ounce of enjoyment possible,” he adds. “Live music has been a constant since I was 15, and I never imagined no shows for so long, just like everyone. Oigs is always a party, but this one feels like a massive return celebration! It’s with the perfect roster of bands and friends from across Michigan and Northern Indiana.”

Most bands on the bill are friends, so expect a family reunion kind of vibe. After all, metal brings people together.

“The Lansing music scene has meant as much to us as our home in Detroit,” Jim Albrecht of Detroit’s Centenary says. “The fans of Oigs Fest, as well as it’s predecessor, Ogrefest, were among the first to embrace us and our music. We are looking forward to finally returning and playing with another great line up, that includes our good friends in Recorruptor, Drink Their Blood, Hokori, and Locust Point. Many thanks to Brad from Cavalcade for inviting us again!”

The guys of Recorruptor agree. “I’m very excited to be part of this year’s Oigs fest!” bassist Alex Schmidt tells Audio Ink Radio. “With Covid putting shows on hold and other hometown venues closing down last year, the camaraderie was sorely missed. Either performing, or just enjoying great bands with good friends at Oigs is something I look forward to every year. The Lansing scene is alive and well, and Oigs 2k22 is here to prove that.”

“Oigs Fest is a festival that we have always looked forward to every year – whether Recorruptor is performing or simply attending, we always make it a priority to party with our fellow metalheads the entire day,” Recorruptor vocalist Clint A. Franklin says. “Checking out bands old and new, making the bartenders work hard, having laughs with good friends…it’s a cherished tradition that we have indulged in since the very first installment of Oigs Fest, and we look forward to indulging for years to come.”

Recorruptor Seth Earl adds, “Oigs Fest is always a great time with with great friends and fans. Through the years it’s something that I always look forward to either playing or attending to see all the bands. Plus, I love (organizer) Brad (van Dutchman), so I can’t not support what he does.”

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