Michigan Thriller to Star Nicole Kidman


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Story by Cat Badra, photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

A small Michigan town will be the focus of a new horror film starring Nicole Kidman

Michigan is a very cool state, and it’s apparently hip enough to lure in some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Case in point: There’s a new thriller in production starring Nicole Kidman, which has a script revolving around some seemingly uber-perfect housewives. Of course, they’re not so perfect, when you look at their extramarital affairs and dark secrets.

This movie is being called “Holland, Michigan.” Yes, as in the Holland that hosts the annual Tulip Festival. Without much more on the synopsis of the movie, it’s difficult to know why it’s named after this quaint Michigan town, but that just builds the speculation.

According to Deadline, Kidman will star in and produce the much-anticipated movie for Amazon Studios. The film teases a storyline revolving around dark secrets that are buried in the small, Midwestern town of Holland. It’s even being compared to a Hitchcock-type film. It doesn’t get much better than that in horror.

The script for “Holland, Michigan,” was panned by Andrew Sodroski, the co-creator of the popular “Manhunt” series. His script for the film made it onto the Black List in 2013, which is a Hollywood producers list of the best unproduced screenplays available.

Amazon picked up the spec script for “Holland, Michigan,” in 2016, Deadline reports. The initial plot was described as, “a Hitchock-ian style thriller with black humor, in which a Midwestern housewife suspects that her husband is having an affair. As she peels back the surface of her seemingly perfect life, she learns her husband might be leading a dark, secret life.”

Sodroski has quite the resume, as he has graduated from Harvard and Columbia. Kidman is slated to co-produce the film with Per Saari under the Kidman’s Blossom Films label. No word yet on when the film will arrive.

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