Guns N’ Roses Cancel Gig ‘Due to Illness and Medical Advice’


Guns N' Roses have announced their 2021 North American tour dates.

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Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses told the crowd during a recent show that he wasn’t feeling well and slept at the stadium the night before, to avoid going back to the hotel with the band

It’s become the norm more than the exception for bands to postpone and cancel shows due to someone getting sick. The trend started during the pandemic and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Now, Guns N’ Roses have reportedly been faced with a health issue that has forced the band to postpone their show in Glasgow, Scotland, which was set to take place Tuesday (July 5).

The band announced the news on Instagram, stating, “Sadly, due to illness and medical advice, GN’R will not be able to perform in Glasgow, tomorrow 5-July-2022. We are working on rescheduling options for this show so please hold onto your tickets and wait for a further update. We appreciate your understanding and patience.”

The statement didn’t shed any light into which band member was impacted or exactly the health issue in question, only that someone was dealing with “illness” and had to take some time off due to the “medical advice.” That said, singer Axl Rose told the crowd at a recent show that he wasn’t feeling well and tweaked his vocals to make it through the set, so changes are, it’s Rose who is under the weather. During the show – which took place in Tottenham, England, on July 2 – Rose changed to a lower register halfway through the band’s performance of “Civil War.” A fan-filmed video (via The Daily Mail) shows Rose telling the audience, “As you can tell, I’m having a few issues but these shows are really important to us.” Rose added that he spent the night at the Spurs Stadium after their July 1 concert instead of going to the hotel with the rest of the group because he wasn’t feeling well.

Guns and Roses are currently touring Europe. The band’s next scheduled stop is Friday (July 8) in Munich, which gives whatever band member is dealing with illness several days to get better. View the band’s upcoming roster of tour dates via the official Guns N’ Roses website.

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