Michigan Pizza Spot Tops the List of the Best in America



Story by Charles Ken – Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

One Michigan pizza spot has been named one of the best in the U.S.

The folks in Michigan take their pizza seriously. I mean, Michiganders have a whole genre of pizza, if you can call it that, in Detroit-style pizza, which is a rectangular pizza with a thick crust that is super delicious. It’s also topped with tomato sauce and Wisconsin brick cheese that spans to the edges. Now I’m hungry.

When it comes to pizza in Michigan, we have many favorite spots. Jet’s, based in Detroit, is a big one, since I know people from well outside of Michigan that think of Jet’s pizza being synonymous with Detroit-style pizza. Buddy’s is also a huge brand in Michigan. But, which establishment has the best pizza in the entire state?

The staff at Reader’s Digest has put together a list of the best pizza in every state. “Where is the best pizza in the U.S.? It’s a fascinating question, with 50 delicious answers,” they state. “We’ve done the detective work to find the best pizza in every state, using a combination of local knowledge, sales figures, rave reviews, and simply following our noses. Of course, the pizza pie has consistently topped the list of America’s favorite foods, and while the question of who invented pizza is shrouded in mystery, no traditional restaurant is complete without a really good pizza option.”

So, which Michigan pizza spot is the best? It’s not even in Detroit. Licari’s Sicilian Pizza Kitchen in Grand Rapids. “Mama mia! This authentic Italian eatery in Grand Rapids uses a family-secret recipe straight from Sicily to make its dense, doughy pies,” Reader’s Digest states. “Order the ‘Sfinciuni Pizze’—this half-sheet-pan-sized pizza is what foodie’s dreams are made of, with a sweet sauce and big chunks of aged Parmigiano Reggiano.” How delicious does that sound? The next time I’m visiting my uncle on the west side of the state, I’ll have to check it out. Find the full study here.

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