Godsmack Release First New Music in Four Years, ‘Surrender’


Godsmack photo by Kamal Asar

Godsmack – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Kamal Asar

Listen to the latest single from Godsmack, “Surrender”

Godsmack have returned with the first single off the band’s forthcoming, eighth studio album. The song, “Surrender,” marks the first release from the group in four years, when Godsmack dropped their gold-certified 2018 album, “When Legends Rise.”

“‘Surrender’ is a very cut and dry song,” vocalist and guitarist Sully Erna said in a statement. “It’s simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other. At a certain point in our lives, we submit to putting aside who’s right or wrong, we just want it to STOP! So we wave the white flag.”

Godsmack features longtime vocalist Sully Erna, along with guitarist Tony Rombola, bass player Robbie Merrill and drummer Shannon Larkin. The band has been together for more than 20 years. They currently have 11 No. 1 mainstream rock singles in their catalog, including recent singles “Bulletproof,” “Unforgettable,” “When Legends Rise” and “Under Your Scars,” off their latest record. It’s pretty impressive to see a band that has been together for more than 20 years still churning out No. 1 rock radio hits. They have certainly come a long ways since early hits such as “Vodoo.” Perhaps “Surrender” will mark their latest chart-topper. Time will tell. Godsmack also have been nominated for four Grammy Awards, but no cigar so far. They were also named Billboard Music Award’s Rock Artist of the Year in 2001 and have a slew of other award honors.

So far, Godsmack haven’t released details on their upcoming album, but they do say “Surrender” is the set’s first single, so chances are album news is on the way. Listen to “Surrender” below. The song is reminiscent of classic Godsmack, with heavy guitars and Erna’s powerful, crooning vocals.

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