Disturbed Release Hard-Charging New Single, ‘Divisive’


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Disturbed – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

Disturbed’s new single, “Divisive,” features meaty riffs and a soaring, catchy chorus

Disturbed are back with a new single, “Divisive,” which is the title track off the band’s highly-anticipated new album. The set drops Nov. 18 via Reprise Records.

“Divisive” features huge, meaty riffs, accompanied by frontman David Draiman’s scorching vocals and a catchy chorus. It’s very much in Disturbed’s longstanding hard rock style. The song has a modern angle, but it also sounds like it could fit alongside some of Disturbed’s early singles from the early 2000s, so it’s fitting for both longtime fans and newbies. Listen to the song and watch the lyric video below.

Of the song, Draiman says in a release that that theme is very current to what’s going on on the world today, stating, “The title track and the title itself are indicative of the incredibly f**ked up state of things we are living in. It’s about how hyper-polarity has influenced everything people do in life. People are addicted to outrage. They’re addicted to finding the next thing that will piss them off so they can rave about it on social media. Everything negative was given a shot of steroids.”

Guitarist Dan Donegan continues, “David was in the room listening to me play the riff, and he fell in love with it instantly. It was one of the early musical ideas. It’s fun to be face-to-face, because we can feed off of each other and we see the level of excitement.”

Previously, Disturbed released two additional singles off the new album, “Unstoppable” and “Hey You.” The latter earned Disturbed their 15th No. 1 single at rock radio. Of course, Disturbed are known for their rock radio hits, including “Stupify,” “Prayer,” “Down with the Sickness,” their cover of “The Sound of Silence” and more. For more information on Distubed’s upcoming albu, “Divisive,” and to pre-order the set, go here.

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