Sabaton Releasing Trilogy of EPs About World War I


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Sabaton – Story by Cat Badra, photo Courtesy of Sabaton

Swedish metal band Sabaton are releasing a new trilogy of EPs revolving around World War I

Sabaton are gearing up to release a trilogy of EPs called “Echoes of the Great War.” The EPs delve into the history of World War I, and the group has unleashed the initial offering, “Weapons of the Modern Age,” which is currently streaming.

This isn’t Sabaton’s first music revolving around World War I. The guys have already released two concept albums about the war: 2019’s “The Great War” and 2022’s “The War to End All Wars.”

The new EP comes as Sabaton are currently on the road for a fall North American tour. The Swedish power metal band will be on tour through an Oct. 23 date in New York City.

“This trilogy complements our two studio albums The Great War and The War to End All Wars,” bass player Pär Sundström said in a statement. “We were definitely not ready to close our World War I chapter. We wanted to continue the journey and let it echo a little longer in the hearts and minds of our fans.”

“Weapons of the Modern Age” revolves around the technological and scientific advancements made during World War I.

“The First World War witnessed some of the biggest leaps in scientific evolution, weaponizing land, sea and skies in ways never witnessed before,” the group’s press release states. “This EP sheds light on the powerful and devastating tactics used to fight the war.”

There is currently no release date schedule for the other two EPs, but you can pre-order the limited CD version of Weapons of the Modern Age on Sabaton’s officialwebsite. Listen to the EP and view the track list below.

Weapons of the Modern Age Track List:

1. Father
2. The Red Baron
3. Dreadnought
4. The Attack of the Dead Men
5. The Future of Warfare
6. Stormtroopers

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