Best Metal Songs of 2022 – Year in Review


Devil Wears Prada by Imani Givertz - Megadeth by Travis Shinn - Lamb of God by Travis Shinn

Story by Anne Erickson / Devil Wears Prada by Imani Givertz, Megadeth and Lamb of God by Travis Shinn

From Ozzy Osbourne to Megadeth to The Devil Wears Prada, here are Audio Ink Radio’s 15 Best Metal Songs of 2022

Metal music means many things in 2022. There have always been plenty of sub-genres tied to the genre, but now, it seems metal has even more, including young bands that are adding facets of metal to other types of sounds. It makes for a very imaginative list of Audio Ink Radio’s Best Metal Songs of 2022. From Megadeth to Ozzy Osbourne to Bring Me the Horizon, read on for the best of the year in heavy metal.

Best Metal Songs of 2022:

Arch Enemy, “House of Mirrors”

Arch Enemy’s new album, “Deceivers,” marked their 11th studio album and was one of the most anticipated in the metal genre all year. “House of Mirrors” is a brutal, in-your-face metal anthem that leaves the listener wanting more.

Bad Omens, “Just Pretend”

Bad Omens is Audio Ink Radio’s 2022 Breakout Artist of the Year, and for good reason. The metal-core band makes imaginative, heavy music with many different shades and colors, making it some of the most interesting music we’ve heard in years. “Just Pretend” is the the band’s current single off their new album, “The Death of Peace of Mind,” and it recently went viral online. It’s not a surprise, either, as the track features incredible songwriting and a swelling, melodic delivery.

Bring Me the Horizon, “sTraNgeRs”

Bring Me The Horizon have managed to become of of the biggest rock and metal-core bands of their era. “sTraNgeRs” is a heartfelt anthem, with a strong pop sensibility, and it truly bring together the best that this band has to offer.

Clutch, “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)”

Clutch released “Sunrise on Slaughter Beach” this year, their latest concoction of heavy, solid metal music. “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)” is a highlight on the set, offering Clutch’s characteristic sludgy sound with some new embellishments.

Ghost, “Call Me Little Sunshine”

Swedish metal band Ghost keep getting more and more popular in the States. Their 2022 single “Call Me Little Sunshine” reached No. 1 on the active rock radio chart. The rest of the songs on their new release, “Impera,” feature that same brand of classic-sounding hard rock that’s comforting yet new.

Kings of Chaos, “Judgement Day”

Kings of Chaos is a true super group, bringing Guns N’ Roses’ Matt Sorum together with a slew of A-list players. The album’s first single, “Judgement Day,” was performed and co-written by Sorum, Slash, Dave Kushner and Duff McKagan, and features Sorum on vocals.

Lamb of God, “Nevermore”

Lamb of God have one of the best metal records of the year with “Omens,” and “Nevermore” is a stand out. The song features uber-heavy riffing and Randy Blythe’s brutal vocal attack. It appears Lamb of God are only getting stronger with time.

Megadeth, “We’ll Be Back”

“The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!” marked Megadeth’s 16th studio album, and one of the most creative tracks on the set is “Well Be Back.” The song sends a definite message from Dave Mustaine that Megadeth are not going anywhere.

Metallica, “Lux Æterna”

Metal icons Metallica surprised the world with a new song in late November, “Lux Æterna,” marking the first bit of new music off their upcoming studio album, “72 Seasons,” out this coming April. The song is a thrash-inspired nugget that sees Metallica returning to their cutting roots. We’re hoping the full album has some more melodic songs, too.

Motionless in White, “Masterpiece”

If you love creative metal music with dark and menacing themes, then Motionless in White should be on your radar. “Masterpiece” is one of their latest gems, offering creepy guitars and a pummeling delivery that’s representative of the band.

Ozzy Osbourne, “Patient Number 9”

The title track off Ozzy Osborune’s new record, “Patient Number 9,” is a doozy. It’s a solid metal anthem with some help from the great Jeff Beck. This entire record is strong, but the title track is simply pure Ozzy.

Sabaton, “Stormtroopers”

“Stormtroopers” marks the second song by Sabaton on their latest album, “The War to End All Wars.” If you’re a fan of heavy metal with a legacy, you really can’t go wrong with Sabaton, and this song is no exception.

Slipknot, “Yen”

“Ten” from Slipknot’s latest album, “The End So Far,” is an imaginative metal track that showcases the best of Corey Taylor and the crew. It’s songs such as these that prove the masked metal band have decades of creative ideas left in them.

The Devil Wears Prada, “Broken”

Christian metal-core giants The Devil Wears Prada show they are only getting better with time on “Broken.” The deep, dreamy metal anthem is off their eighth studio album, “Color Decay.” It’s a very different sound for the band and shows their diversity.

Upon Wings, “Last Love”

Upon Wings, the band fronted by Audio Ink Radio managing editor Anne Erickson, release a new EP in 2022, the “Last Love” EP. The EP’s title track features sharp guitars from Kevin Jardine and heavy drums from Pepe Clark Magaña of Kyng, making this one of the band’s heaviest and most aggressive tracks to date.

Voivod, “Synchro Anarchy”

Voivod’s 15th studio album, “Synchro Anarchy,” dropped this year, proving the guys are incredible prolific. The album’s title track is pure heavy metal, with a brutal sound that’s simply delightful- in a metal way.

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