30 Best Metal Albums of 2022


Bad Omens, Candlemass and Ozzy Osbourne are pictured.

Story by Anne Erickson / Bad Omens by Oswaldo Cepeda, Candlemass by Linda Akerberg, Ozzy Osbroune by Ross Halfin

From Ozzy Osbourne to Lamb of God to Amon Amarth, here are Audio Ink Radio’s Best Metal Albums of 2022

This year has been a stellar one for metal music. From big names such as Lamb of God, Ozzy Osbourne and Sabaton to newer bands such as Bad Omens, 2022 will go down in rock ‘n’ roll history as an imaginative one. Many believe now is as good a time as ever to be a metalhead, and this year’s list of the best metal albums supports that belief. Read on for Audio Ink Radio’s Best Metal Albums of 2022.

Arch Enemy, “Deceivers”

Swedish melodic death meal band Arch Enemy deliver the goods on “Deceivers,” their 11th studio album. Songs such as “In the Eye of the Storm” and “The Watcher” have an aggressive-yet-melodic delivery that makes this a unique, diverse record.

Amon Amarth, “The Great Heathen Army”

Swedish Viking metal band Amon Amarth bring the passion and fury on their latest set, “The Great Heathen Army.” With complex song structures and mind-blowing guitars, this album is enough to solidify Amon Amarth as one of the best metal bands of their generation.

Bad Omens, “The Death of Peace of Mind”

“The Death of Peace of Mind” marks Virginia metalcore band Bad Omens’ third studio album, but for many, it’s an introduction to the band. What’s extra impressive is that the group produced the album themselves, with mixing and mastering by Zakk Cervini. “Like a Villain” is the album’s single, and it’s an epic metalcore gem with heavy guitars and hypnotic atmospheres that is earning the group heaps of new fans.

Candlemass – “Sweet Evil Sun”

Swedish metal band Candlemass have been nominated for a Grammy, so they’re obviously turning heads worldwide with their classic heavy metal sound. “Sweet Evil Sun” is their latest concoction, brewing with uber-heavy riffs and beats.

Corpsegrinder, “Corpsegrinde”

Cannibal Corpse frontman George “Corspegrinder” Fisher released his self-titled solo record this year, made with Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, as well as Charlie Bellmore (guitar, bass) and Nick Bellmore (drums). On it, he serves up a hardcore style of death metal that’s perfectly dark and brooding.

††† (Crosses), “Permanent.Radient EP”

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno’s project with FAR guitarist Shaun Lopez returned in 2022 with a new EP, “Permanent.Radiant.” The EP comes nine months after ††† (Crosses) released two new songs, “Initiation” and “Protection,” and neither of them are on the new EP, so this collection is a real treat, offering all fresh tracks.

Dead Cross, “II”

Dead Cross returned with their newest opus, “II,” this fall, featuring the talents of Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson and Michael Crain. The set features a bold dose of hardcore punk that’s super nostalgic but also modern.

Decapitated, “Cancer Culture”

Decapitated present a set of technical metal with “Cancer Culture,” offering something beyond the more groove-based tunes of late. They also get some help from A-list guests, such as Jinjer vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk and Machine Head fronting Robb Flynn.

Destruction, “Diabolical”

German thrash metal greats Destruction celebrated their 40th anniversary with a new, pummeling set of heavy metal called “Diabolical.” If you’re looking for the real-deal metal, this is it.

The Devil Wears Prada, “Color Decay”

Christian metal is definitely a thing, and The Devil Wears Prada continues to prove that Christian metal doesn’t have to be watered down. On “Color Decay,” the band delivers uber-heavy riffing and growling rhythms, making this a perfect fit in their catalog.

Evergrey, “A Heartless Portrait”

Swedish progressive metal band Evergrey is making a name for themselves in the States. The band’s latest album, “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament),” makes an impression, with epic songs like “Ominous” and “Midwinter Calls.”

GWAR, “The New Dark Ages”

It’s always cause for celebration when GWAR has a new album out. That set, “The New Dark Ages,” has an album concept tied to a companion graphic novel, “GWAR In The Duoverse of Absurdity,” in which the band members are taken to an alternate universe to fight their evil twins and more. Very GWAR.

HammerFall, “Hammer of Dawn”

Swedish power metal band HammerFall returned in 2022 with a new set, “Hammer of Dawn,” and it’s one of the band’s darkest to date. With ominous textures and a flash of power metal, it’s one of the band’s most interesting albums.

Kirk Hammett, “Portals EP”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett released his first solo EP this year in “Portals.” The set features just four tracks, but it makes up for brevity with an incredible instrumental presentation.

Lamb Of God, “Omens”

Many consider Lamb of God’s “Omens” to be the best metal record of the year. The band always delivers deep, meaningful lyrics amid broadening, heavy backings, and “Omens” does just that, even going a step further to show how the band has evolved over the years.

Ozzy Osbourne, “Patient Number 9”

Many thought 2020’s “Ordinary Man” would mark Ozzy Osbourne’s final record, since he’s had a long run and has been battling Parkinson’s Disease. But, he defied odds with “Patient Number 9,” the English heavy metal singer’s 13th studio record, and the set delivers with solid songwriting and Ozzy’s characteristic vocals.

Last in Line, “A Day in the Life EP”

Last in Line, the band featuring members of the late, great Ronnie James Dio’s band, released a new album of originals with the “A Day in the Life EP.” With a stellar lineup featuring frontman Andrew Freeman, bass player Phil Soussan (ex-Ozzy Osbourne) and Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) and Vinny Appice (ex-Black Sabbath), what’s not to like about this debut set?

Machine Head, “Of Kingdom And Crown”

“Of Kingdom and Crown” marks the 10th studio album by heavy mainstays Machine Head. The album is a triumphant return to the band’s traditional heavy metal style, with plenty of variety and musicianship.

Megadeth, “The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead”

“The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!” is Megadeth’s 16th studio album, but you would never know it, as the guys sound as fresh and passionate as ever. The 12-track set takes the listener on a musical journey through heavy metal riffing, sky-high solos and frontman Dave Mustaine’s crunchy vocals.

Meshuggah, “Immutable”

Swedish progressive metal band returned with their ninth studio album, “Immutable,” this year. The album shows off a mature side of Meshuggah, with strong song structures and that classic Meshuggah sound.

Napalm Death, “Resentment is Always Seismic…”

English grind-core greats Napalm Death formed back in 1981, and they’re still going strong in 2022. The band’s latest album, “Resentment is Always Seismic…,” is ferocious as ever, with their classic sound.

Norma Jean, “Deathrattle Sing For Me”

Metalcore favorites returned in 2022 with “Deathrattle Sing For Me.” The stellar album features an intense collection of songs, many of which are standouts, including “Call for the Blood,” “Heartache” and “1994.”

Rammstein, “Zeit”

German industrial metal band Rammstein always makes a big splash when they release new music. “Zeit” is no exception, with fiery singles “Zick Zack” or “Dicke Titten” and a theatrical collection of songs.

Sabaton, “The War to End All Wars”

Metal titans Sabaton once again focus on World War I with their new album, “The War to End All Wars,” The set offers huge vocal choir choruses and dramatic storytelling that perfectly match the vision of the record.

Saxon, “Carpe Diem”

English metal band Saxon are on album number 24- yes, 24. That said, they still sound as fresh and inspired as ever on their latest, the pummeling “Carpe Diem.”

Slipknot, “The End, So Far”

Slipknot have come far from their early Iowa days, but they still wear crazy masks and make brutal, imaginative, horror-inflicted alternative metal. “The End, So Far” is a solid collection of new, heavy songs from Corey Taylor and company.

Stryper, “The Final Battle”

Michael Sweet has kept Stryper fresh and imaginative throughout the years, and he’s also kept them active. The band delivers classic riffs and rhythms on their latest album, “The Final Battle,” featuring dramatic songs such as “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” and “Heart & Soul.”

Temple Of Void, “Summoning the Slayer”

Detroit may be known as Detroit Rock City, but the city also has great metal bands. Temple of Void is one of them, and their latest release, “Summoning the Slayer,” arrives on Relapse and features super-heavy riffing and aggressive vocals.

Queensryche, “Digital Noise Alliance”

Queensryche continue their heavy metal journey with “Digital Noise Alliance,” their 16th studio album. The record is the band’s fourth studio album recorded with vocalist Todd La Torre, and he shines with powerful, meaningful vocals.

Upon Wings, “Last Love EP”

Upon Wings, the band fronted by Audio Ink Radio’s Anne Erickson, released their first EP in nine years in 2022, the “Last Love EP.” The set features everything from nu-metal to heavy metal to pop, showing that they don’t stick to one style.

Voivod, “Syncro Anarchy”

“Synchro Anarchy” marks the 15 studio album from Canadian heavy metallers Voivod. While Voivod’s lineup had changed over the years, their quality hasn’t, and “Syncro Anarchy” is a shining example of that consistent musical quality.



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