Pink Floyd Release 18 Live Albums from ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ Time Period


Pink Floyd, "Dark Side of the Moon"

Pink Floyd, “Dark Side of the Moon” – Story by Anne Erickson

A batch of Pink Floyd’s music is now available for online streaming

It took Pink Floyd a while to warm up to the idea of releasing their albums on streaming services, but the time has come. About one year ago, the band released a dozen live albums on streaming services. Now, Pink Floyd have done another surprise release, according to Rolling Stone, this time unleashing a new collection of live performances, including 18 recordings from the band’s famed “Dark Side of the Moon” era.

The new set features songs recorded between Jan. 23, 1972 to Dec. 9, 1972, as they created their seminal 1973 “Dark Side of the Moon” LP. The release would eventually sell 24.8 million copies worldwide. Some of the performances included are the band’s four-night performance at London’s Rainbow Theatre, three Japan concerts and U.S. shows, including at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. Another set released is a five-song compilation, called “Alternate Tracks 1972,” featuring rare demos and remixes of a handful of Pink Floyd classics. View the full list of releases below.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Pink Floyd this year. Back in September, the band released a reissue of their 1977 album, “Animals.” Roger Waters and David Gilmour also appeared in the Disney+ documentary, “If These Walls Could Sing,” about London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Pink Floyd’s 1972 Live Albums Released This Month:

Live at Southampton Guildhall, UK, 23 January 1972
Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, 5 Feb 1972
Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London 17 February 1972
Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London 18 Feb 1972
Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London 19 Feb 1972
Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London 20 Feb 1972
Live at the Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan, 3 Mar 1972
Live at Osaka Festival Hall, Japan, 8 Mar 1972
Live at Nakajima Sports Centre, Sapporo, Japan, 13 Mar 1972
Live at Chicago Auditorium Theatre, USA, 28 April 1972
Live at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany, 18 May 1972
Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, 22 Sept 1972
Live at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London, 21 Oct 1972
Live at Ernst-Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany, 12 Nov 1972
Live at the Palais des Sports, Poitiers, France 29 Nov 1972
Live at the Palais des Sports de L’Ile de la Jatte, Saint Ouen, France, 1 Dec 1972
Live at the Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium, 5 Dec 1972
Live at The Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 9 Dec 72
Alternative Tracks 1972

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