Iggy Pop Recalls AC/DC Asking Him to Join the Band


Iggy Pop, "Every Loser" albums art - Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Raymond Pettibon

Iggy Pop, “Every Loser” albums art – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Raymond Pettibon

Iggy Pop could have been the lead singer of AC/DC, if the chips fell a slightly different way

Iggy Pop recently released his latest album, “Every Loser.” In doing press for the new release, Pop has pulled out a fun story from years past from when he was reportedly asked if he’d be interested in joining AC/DC.

According to Pop, the ask happened following the 1980 passing of the famed Australian rockers’ lead vocalist Bon Scott. Speaking with The New York Times, the vocalist recalled being friends with Scott before the AC/DC vocalist’s passing.

“I had some very wonderful encounter with Bon somewhere, and we were both drunk and stoned,” Iggy said in the interview.

“I see pictures sometimes. I go, I don’t remember, but that’s me with Bon!” he added. “I loved what he did. They had a manager many years ago when I hadn’t re-formed the Stooges, I hadn’t moved to England, and this guy said, ‘Are you interested in joining AC/DC?’ They were looking for a singer.”

So, did the godfather or punk really consider joining AC/DC? Not really. “I listened to their record,” Iggy said. “I thought, I can’t fill that bill. I wasn’t like, ugh, I don’t like them. It was quite well made. They do careful work. But I’m not what they needed.”

“Every Loser” arrives on longtime producer Andrew Watt’s Gold Tooth Records in partnership with Atlantic Records, and it marks Pop’s first release with that label. The record features a bevy of big-named guests helping make Pop’s vision come to life, including Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro and Eric Avery and late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

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