Iron Maiden Honored with Heavy Metal Postal Stamps


Metal band Iron Maiden standing amid a black and orange background.

Iron Maiden – Story by Charles Ken, photo by John McMurtrie

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden are getting honored with their own stamps from the Royal Mail postal service

Iron Maiden are officially getting their own stamps. The band is now the fifth musical group to receive their own set of stamps from the Royal Mail postal service, which is based in London, England.

The longstanding metal band shares the privilege with Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Queen and the Rolling Stones. All of those groups have been issued stamps through the Royal Mail postal service.

Iron Maiden’s stamps offers 12 different designs, eight of which are live photos of different band members, shot between 1983 and 2018. The additional four feature Maiden’s popular mascot Eddie including the band’s debut album cover art, “The Trooper” single art, “Aces High” single art and the “Senjutsu” art that’s different from the original album cover.

The Iron Maiden stamps will go on sale starting Jan. 12. Pre-orders are currently live via the Royal Mail webstore. Chances are, many people who buy the stamps won’t really use them. With that in mind, the webstore also offers a collection of framed and collectible-styled items, including a limited edition gold option. Obviously, the stamps aren’t good to use in the U.S., but Americans are still able to purchase the stamps for their collections.

In other news, Iron Maiden recently wrapped up their legendary The Legacy of the Beast tour in 2022. Now, the band is getting ready for a slate of 2023 tour dates on The Future Past tour in the U.K. and Europe. The trek will focus on their 2021 studio album, “Senjutsu,” plus honor 1986’s “Somewhere in Time.” Expect to hear a range of Iron Maiden classics, too. No word yet on additional North American tour dates, but the band has indicated that they aren’t nearly finished with the touring cycles for “Senjutsu,” so that’s definitely a possibility. View the available stamps via the band’s official announcement below.

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