See Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley Perform One of His Final Shows


Alice in Chains will release a special, 30th anniversary edition of their 1990 debut album, "Facelift."

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New footage has surfaced of one of Layne Staley’s final performances

Never before seen footage of Alice in Chains’ concert in Detroit, Michigan, on June 28, 1996 has newly surfaced on YouTube. The show was one of the vocalist’s last performances ever.

The show saw Alice in Chains performing the Tiger Stadium in Detroit. On the gig, Alice were actually opening for KISS as part of their reunion tour. The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago, shows the group performing the Alice in Chains songs “Again” and “God Am.” View the performances below.

The uploader describes the clip as, “New unseen footage of the first two songs of Alice in Chains’ opening set for KiSS on June 28, 1996.” The uploader also says all the footage they have is in in the uploaded YouTube video. “It’s likely this is all that was filmed (at least by this cameraman),” the uploader adds. “Assume this was filmed to be used for television news segments/promotional purposes.”

Finally, the uploader explains some of the editing, stating, “I opted not to patch the missing minute of “Again” w/ just audio, but did patch the end of “God Am” (after the footage cuts off) with complete circulating audience audio. I over layed (sic) some pre-show footage of the crowd/venue to cover the end section for the remainder of “God Am…'”

Following the Detroit gig, Alice in Chains would perform again on July 3 in Kansas City, marking his final performance before passing away. Stanley also recorded two more songs with Alice in Chains in 1998 called “Get Born Again” and “Died.” He also added vocals to a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” in 1999 with Class of ’99, a supergroup of sorts featuring Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction. Staley was tragically found dead in his residence in Seattle in April of 2002.

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