Meet Elegant Weapons, a New Supergroup Featuring Judas Priest and Rainbow Members


Elegant Weapons - Blind Leading the Blind

Elegant Weapons – Story by Charles Ken, “Blind Leading the Blind” music video image

Listen to the debut single from supergroup Elegant Weapons

Metal supergroup Elegant Weapons are ready to rule the world, music-wise, at least. The band – which brings together Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner, Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero, Uriah Heep bass player Dave Rimmer, and Accept drummer Christopher Williams – have released their first single, “Blind Leading the Blind.” The track features the kind of classic metal one would expect from that lineup. Listen to the new song below.

“Blind Leading the Blind” will appear on Elegant Weapons’ upcoming debut album, “Horns for a Halo,” dropping May 26 via Nuclear Blast. In addition to the star-studded band lineup, Pantera bass player Rex Brown and Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis make appearances on the new album.

“As far as the future, we are all dedicated to giving this band the longest life we can,” Faulkner said of the new project in a press release. “Live shows, tours and future albums. Growing with the fans along the way. The writing process for the second album is already underway and with live dates coming in thick and fast, we are looking forward to seeing how the future evolves for Elegant Weapons.”

Faulkner calls the new music as “a mix of Jimi Hendrix, Priest, Sabbath, solo Ozzy and Black Label Society, but with a lot of melody, sort of old school and modern at once if that makes any sense, and actually down-tuned a whole step. There are a lot of guitar solos and the songs are on the heavier side. And even though there‚Äôs a lot of melody, it’s still going to shake your bones.”

In addition to releasing the single “Blind Leading the Blind,” the band has also released an accompanying animated music video. “The video is great and gives a quirky and stylistic representation of the meaning of the song,” he said. “The main character is getting drunk on the power he is given by the people that trust him, only to be found out later when his followers really see the truth. When the power is taken away, he is seen for what he really is.”

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