10 Best Punk Bands of All Time


A black and white photo of Iggy Pop, taken by photographer Vincent Guignet.

Iggy Pop – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Vincent Guignet

Here are Audio Ink Radio’s 10 best punk bands of all time

Punk is more than a genre of music. It’s truly a way of life. The movement dates back to the 1970s, when the steely genre took hold in underground venues across New York City and beyond. The movement built itself on simple chord progressions, high-octane live shows and lyrics that expressed a general distaste for the mainstream.

Punk is certainly anti-establishment. For that reason and more, it’s a genre of music that will always appeal to the youth who from generation to generation strive to change the norm.

So, which punk bands could be considered the best and most influential of all time? Keep reading for Audio Ink Radio’s list of the best punk bands of all time. Give us your picks on Facebook here.

10. The Replacements

The Replacements were the college rock answer to the punk movement. As the story goes, the band broke out in the 1980s, offering two-minute rangers that captured the attention of the already solid punk scene. Furthermore, the Minneapolis, Minnesota, outfit knew how to craft real, relatable lyrics, which struck a chord.

9. Minor Threat

Without Minor Threat, it’s possible hardcore would never have happened. In other words, the band was crucial to the genre’s formation, along with Black Flag and Bad Brains. Even with just one full-length album and two EPs, the band made an everlasting impact on punk music. Additionally, frontman Ian MacKaye would remain influential, as eventually formed Fugazi.

8. Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill were one of the early riot grrrl acts that helped make women a strong part of punk music. Obviously, with punk rock’s anti-establishment themes, there was always an inherent feminist quality to its music. Simply put, Bikini Kill and vocalist Kathleen Hanna were part of the foundation of the women in punk scene.

7. Misfits

Misfits brought a totally new vibe to punk with their brand of horror punk. In essence, they spawned a subgenre and inspired many goth-influenced rock bands to come. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Glenn Danzig, Misfits wrote songs about zombies and all things scary, bringing a totally new and invigorating aspect to punk rock. For that reason, they’re certainly one of the best punk bands of all time.

6. Bad Brains

Bad Brains are pretty much responsible for the genesis of the Washington, D.C. punk scene. In addition, they helped define the hardcore punk movement, along with band such as Black Flag and Minor Threat. Of course, their early gigs were brutal and legendary, with frontman H.R. destroying many venues along the way. It doesn’t get more punk than that.

5. The Stooges

Iggy Pop is truly the “Godfather of Punk,” bringing a violence and danger factor to rock music that was never there before. Known for their bloody, out-of-control live shows, Iggy Pop and The Stooges pioneered punk rock, and all from the unassuming locale of Michigan. To this day, Pop remains one of rock’s greatest showmen.

4. Sex Pistols

Despite their short discography, The Sex Pistols are undoubtedly one of the best punk bands of all time. The band, along with wild singer Johnny Rotten, captured the attention of British media, helping to make punk more popular. Even so, aside from the tabloid articles and glitzy exterior, the band simply wrote great punk songs.

3. Ramones

The Ramones are often credited as being the founders of punk rock, so they obviously deserve a spot high up on this list. Their direct sound and too-cool-for-school fashion choices of leather jackets and British rock-inflected haircuts made them instant underground sensations. Moreover, with two-minute songs, catchy rhythms and a pop flair, The Ramones were contagious. As they toured, the spread that sound across the world.

2. Green Day

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t putting Green Day at No. 2 a bit of a stretch? It’s really not, in our opinion, and here’s why. Green Day and “Dookie” are to punk what Metallica and “The Black Album were to metal music. In essence, both of these bands brought their niche music to the masses. Green Day’s mainstream success helped bring punk to an audience that would never experienced the genre. For that, Billie Joe Armstrong and company get credit for helping punk reach more people. Also, it helped the genre enjoy true longevity.

1. The Clash

Picking a No. 1 best punk band of all time wasn’t easy. It was extremely difficult. But, going with The Clash was a no-brainer. The Clash were not-so arguably the greatest punk band of all time, and that possibly blends into other genres, too. There was simply no beating the band’s explosive live shows and sociopolitical themes. Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon were the essence of punk rock, and music is forever in their debt for it. For that reason, The Clash is our No. 1 best punk band of all time.

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