Metal-Themed Streaming Service Thunderflix Launches


Thunderflix via Atom Splitter PR

Thunderflix logo – Story by Chalres Ken, photo via Atom Splitter PR

Thunderflix is billing itself as “Netflix, but all metal”

Pretty soon, people might be saying, “Thunderflix and chill.” Thunderflix has launched, billing themselves as the Netflix of heavy metal. The streaming service is offering heaps of heavy metal content for a monthly fee.

“Imagine a Netflix, but all metal,” creator Samuel Douek said of the new service in a statement. The streaming service is available for either $6.66 per month or $66.60 per year. It features metal-heavy documentaries, films, interviews, live concerts and behind-the-scenes footage. Moreover, the streaming is available on a variety of devices, including AppleTV, iPhone, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more.

According to a press release, Douek had the idea for the streaming platform out of the “inability to find high-quality, heavy metal to entertain himself as a lifelong music fan.” The streaming service’s current library features content from Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and more.

In a statement, Douek says he hopes Thunderflix will become “the main library of official concerts and films that have come out in the last 30-plus years.” Furthermore, that includes “concerts that only existed on VHS or DVD, even those DVDs we got on the limited edition digipaks with bonus concerts or making ofs.” The release also mentions that all sub-genres are included.

“From death metal to speed to black to thrash and power and folk… it’s important people know, Thunderflix is made by metalheads for metalheads,” Douek said. “We’re not a big corporation. We’re metalheads that want to enjoy our concerts and documentaries! We want to pay artists and labels their fair amount. And we want everyone to enjoy it!”

Thunderflix is currently offering a free trial. Visit website to begin a free trial and look at the content offerings.

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