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Butcher Babies promo photo.

Butcher Babies new album details – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Beatriz Mariano

Butcher Babies new album news: The hard rockers will release a double album on July 7

Los Angeles hard rockers Butcher Babies are back with not one by two new album, plus a new single. Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey have announced their new, double albums, “Eye for an Eye…” and “…’Til the World’s Blind,” will arrive on July 7.

In advance of the new sets, Butcher Babies have shared a new single, “Red Thunder.” The track is super heavy, with thick, thrash-influenced guitars and piercing vocals. Listen to the new song below.

As for the double album, the collection celebrates the band’s 10-year anniversary of their debut album, “Goliath.” That set arrived on July 9, 2013, via Century Media Records.

Regarding the sound on “Red Thunder,” frontwoman Heidi Shepherd said in a statement, “‘Red Thunder’ is a massive nod to the style and sound of our beloved first album ‘Goliath’ that launched Butcher Babies into the metal stratosphere exactly a decade ago.”

She added, “Bringing in the groovy, guttural, thrash elements that we became known for, alongside a soaring melodic chorus, ‘Red Thunder’ culminates the dark, painful, and emotional side of the band. The song was written to remind the world that when she speaks, she speaks in Thunder!”

Frontwoman Carla Harvey added, “At its core, ‘Red Thunder’ is a song about giving a voice to the voiceless. But not just any voice; a cry so powerful that it shakes those that have wronged them to their core.”

She added, “As Heidi and I were writing the lyrics, my personal inspiration became my sister, Julia, born with microcephaly. She died very young, and I did not get the chance to know her, but I have one haunting photo of her as a baby that I brought with me to the session as inspiration. In the photo she has one arm outstretched to the camera and these beautiful piercing eyes; my heart breaks that she didn’t get to live a life; but in my dreams, my father’s daughter blooms…and speaks in thunder.”

Listen to the new Butcher Babies song, “Red Thunder,” below. For upcoming album details and tour dates,  visit the Butcher Babies website. The band also has an upcoming run on “The Psychotherapy Sessions” tour with Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, GWAR and Nonpoint.

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