Exodus’ European Tour Called Off So Gary Holt Can Help His Injured Brother


Photo of the metal band Exodus.

Exodus European tour cancelation -Story by Charles Ken, courtesy photo

Exodus are canceling their upcoming European tour so guitarist Gary Holt can help his brother

The guys of Exodus were slated to kick off their European tour next week, but the band has pulled the plug on those dates. Guitarist Gary Holt is going to be busying helping his injured brother, and with Holt not available, Exodus have to cancel the run.

According to a GoFundMe account created by Holt, the guitarist’s brother, Charles, was hit from behind by a taxi while vacationing in Rome. Then, Charles put into the taxi by the driver who hit him and dropped off at a local hospital. Charles’ medical injuries were substantial, as he suffered a broken femur. He’s also been waiting for medical assistance while struggling with communication issues with the local hospital staff.

“We aren’t even sure if we will find out the who and what of all this,” Holt explained. “He spent three days on a gurney in a hallway awaiting even a real bed, alone. Unable to truly communicate with the staff. My wife has flown out there to be with him. She is having the same issues navigating and communicating, but at least my brother is not alone.”

Holt also said that he was heading to Europe to help his brother. He added, “The costs have been enormous to the family and to Charles and he hasn’t had the surgery yet, and he cannot fly home until he does. We hope sooner rather than later. I am not wealthy, unlike what the internet says, far from it. I have no more income that any blue collar worker. My brother will not be able to work for months, he has had a rough life but turned it around years ago, saves all him money working at a coffee shop and recycling, to go on these trips, to live again. This nightmare get’s worse ,whenever there’s a glimmer of good news, another road block. Please get him home and help him get well.”

With those high costs, Holt started up the aforementioned GoFundMe account. Those who wish to donate may do so here. Read and listen to Audio Ink Radio’s recent interview with Exodus drummer Tom Hunting here.

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