Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart Having a ‘Rediscovery’ of Their Relationship


Nancy Wilson of heart slugging her electric guitar amid a bright red background.

Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are back together – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

Ann and Nancy Wilson are working on new music together

For years, fans have wanted to see Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart back together, working on new music. It seemed almost impossible, as time continued. But, now it appears the famous duo are back together, making new tunes.

During a new interview with Joe Rock of Long Island, New York rock station 102.3 WBAB, Nancy opened up about her many musical projects. One of those is “Tomboy,” which has Nancy covering songs originally written her friends who are men. She also talked about working on new music with Ann.

“I think right now I’ve been working on ‘Tomboy’ the most because I love the title, for one thing; it’s almost like ‘boy genius’ or something,” she said (via “But I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for songs. But I’ve also been writing new music with Ann too. So it’s a real creative time. I think being on the tour right now, when I get home, I’m gonna really dig into the other projects, including finishing some new material with Ann. So it’s really a good time to be creative. And I’ve got a new studio in my house, and so I can’t wait to sort of run tape on stuff.”

So, what should fans expect from the new music? Nancy says it’s very different sounding. That’s in a good way. In fact, she described it as “exciting and inspiring.”

“Some of the stuff I’ve been working on with Ann is like that,” she said. “I’ve also worked a bit with Sue Ennis, who used to work a lot with me and Ann for Heart music. And so I have some lyrics mainly that I worked on with Sue and took to Ann. And there’s a couple of things that I’m really excited about. Very cool. Like stuff that you wouldn’t have heard us do in the ’80s. (It’s) closer to what you would have heard us originally do in the ’70s, late ’70s. So it’s really fun. It’s just exciting and inspiring.”

Nancy also descried working on new music with Ann as a “really nice kind of rediscovery of our relationship.” She added, “So, yeah, I’m really happy about that.”

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