Brad, Featuring Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Drop ‘Hey Now What’s the Problem?’


Brad: Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard also plays in Brad.

Brad Stone Gossard news: Listen to the latest from Brad, featuring Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Listen to Brad’s song “Hey Now What’s the Problem?”

Longstanding Seattle rockers Brad have released a new song and music video for “Hey Now What’s the Problem?” The track appears on their upcoming studio album, “In the Moment That You’re Born.” The set will drop in full on July 28 via Loosegroove Records.

Brad features Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, along with Keith Lowe and Regan Hagar. The forthcoming album features vocals from the late Shawn Smith. Sadly, Smith passed away in 2021 before this album could be completed.

Hagar doesn’t just play on “Hey Now What’s the Problem?” He also directed the music video. The clip splices live footage of Brad performing back in the day with┬ápop-culture images from movies, TV shows and horror flicks. It’s a trippy and lo-fi looking video that certainly fits the Brad asthetic and brand.

“Hey Now What’s the Problem?” is the second song to arrive off “In the Moment That You’re Born.” The first was the album’s debut single, “In The Moment That You’re Born,” which dropped earlier this year. Brad actually released the track on the 30-year anniversary of their debut album, “Shame.” The original record came out on April 27, 1993 via Epic Records. In addition to the new music on the way, to celebrate the anniversary of “Shame,” Brad are releasing a limited-edition vinyl of the record on July 28. Pre-orders are available here.

“In the Moment That You’re Born” will boast 10 new recordings featuring vocals from Smith. It’s reminiscent of the Grey Daze tracks, which featured the late, great Chester Bennington of Linkin Park’s vocals after he had passed away. The collection also packs a new version of “Stars N’ You.” The late Andrew Wood of grunge bands Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun famously wrote that song. Pre-order the record here.

Gossard spoke with Audio Ink Radio about the debut album from early Seattle post-punk band The Living and more. Check out that in-depth interview with Stone Gossrad of Pearl Jam here.

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