10 Nu-Metal Songs That Should Have Been Bigger


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P.O.D. is featured on Audio Ink Radio’s list of nu-metal songs that should have been bigger – Story by Anne Erickson, photo via K Baldes

Audio Ink Radio presents its list of 10 nu-metal songs that should have been bigger

Nu-metal took over the radio in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and for good reason. It was hard to resist the catchy, cool sounds of bands such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn, that combined high-energy rapping with the hard style of rock and metal music. But, while the genre enjoyed many hits, there were also plenty of great nu-metal songs that should have been bigger.

Sometimes, those songs were from bands that were getting plenty of airplay, such as P.O.D., but radio missed their hidden gems. Other times, those track were from bands that just didn’t get any radio love. Now, it’s time to celebrate those nu-metal songs that deserve more attention.

With those underdogs in mind, Audio Ink Radio presents its list of 10 nu-metal songs that should have been bigger. What nu-metal songs do you think should have been hits? Reach out to us on social media and let us know.

10. Union Underground, “Turn Me on ‘Mr Deadman'”

The Union Underground hailed from San Antonio, Texas, and brought a heavy, driving industrial metal sound in the style of Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie. The band featured John Moyer, who would go on to play bass in Disturbed. The band is still active on their official Facebook page, so it’s nice to see these guys are still a presence in music.

9. Spineshank, “New Disease”

Spineshank always leaned on the heavier side of n-metal or industrial metal, and that really came through with their sophomore studio album, 2000’s “The Height of Callousness.” What’s more, the record featured the driving, popular track “New Disease,” which was included on the soundtrack for the movie, “3000 Miles To Graceland.”

8. Snot, “Stoopid”

Forming in 1995, Snot was one of the earliest bands in the nu-metal movement, paving the way for hordes of other bands to follow. Further, Snot stood apart with their mix of heavy metal, punk rock and funk. Nowhere is that more apparent on the song “Stoopid,” off their 1997 debut, “Get Some.”

7. From Zero, “Check Ya”

Out of Chicago music scene, From Zero got their footing in the late-1990s, gaining a solid following and touring with the likes of Disturbed and Nickelback. The band only released two major-label albums, 2001’s “One Nation Under” and 2003’s “My So-Called Life.” But, in the process, they created some of nu-metal’s most melodic material, including the busting track, “Check Ya.”

6. Flaw, “Payback”

Louisville, Kentucky’s Flaw got personal on their 2001 release, “Through the Eyes.” The record featured personal, introspective lyrics from Chris Volz, coupled with heavy guitar riffs, strong melodies and angsty screams. “Payback” is a highlight, with a theme about everything getting their payback for whatever goes on in life.

5. Damageplan, “Save Me”

Damageplan were certainly on the heavy metal side of nu-metal. After all, brothers Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera formed the band. The band introduced itself with the fiery single “Save Me,” which hit radio in January of 2004, followed by the group’s debut album, “New Found Power.” While plenty of metalheads loved Damageplan, their song “Save Me” could have been much bigger with the mainstream.

4. 36 Crazyfists, “Bury Me Where I Fall”

36 Crazyfists fall into the metal-core category more than nu-metal, but there are touches of nu-metal in their sound. The band’s Roadrunner Records 2002 debut, “Bitterness the Star,” is their most nu-metal sounding album, with the heavy tune “Bury Me Where I Fall,” featuring Steev Esquivel of Skinlab. This song could have been a smash.

3. Soulfly, “Bleed”

Soulfly launched onto the scene in 1998 with their self-titled debut album. On it, they served up heavy guitars and a strong hip-hop sensibility- even more than most nu-metal bands. The album features Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit on the track “Bleed,” and the song is packed with nu-metal goodness.

2. Ill Nino, “What Comes Around”

Ill Nino unleashed their debut album, “Revolution, RevoluciĆ³n,” in 2001, right as the nu-metal movement was getting hot. The band’s unique melding of Latin sounds and metal music garnered them a large fanbase out the gate. Moreover, their debut single, “What Comes Around,” scored major airplay on MTV and rock radio. The song did well, but it could have made Ill Nino a much bigger name with more of a push.

1. P.O.D., “Boom”

Sure, P.O.D. had plenty of chart-topping hits on the radio during the heyday of nu-metal. Songs such as “Youth of the Nation” and “Alive” were inspiring, meaningful songs in a genre that wasn’t always known for the meaningful. They skyrocketed up the charts, especially following 9-11, as P.O.D.’s “Satellite” album. But, one song, “Boom,” never blew up. We think this one is just as good as P.O.D.’s big hits, so we’re making it No. 1 on Audio Ink Radio’s list of nu-metal songs that should have been bigger.

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