10 Greatest Metal Halloween Songs


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Alice Cooper of one of the greatest Halloween metal songs, according to Audio Ink Radio – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Rob Fenn

Audio Ink Radio presents its tally of the greatest metal Halloween songs of all time

The spooky season brings many opportunities to listen to metal music. Actually, any season is good to crank heavy metal loud and proud, but it just seems extra appropriate when Halloween is approaching. There’s something about the dark, dramatic sonics of metal music that begs to be played on fright night. So, what are the greatest metal Halloween songs to get on your thrilling playlist?

Before we get to metal, outside of the metal genre, we would venture to say that the greatest Halloween song of all time is the 1962 smash, “Monster Mash.” A novelty song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett, the track dropped as a single on Gary S. Paxton’s Garpax Records label with a full album called “The Original Monster Mash.” It’s a favorite each year.

So, what about the greatest metal Halloween songs? Read on for Audio Ink Radio’s picks, and reach out to us with your spooky choices on Facebook here.

10. The Misfits, “Halloween”

The only reason the Misfits aren’t higher on this list is because they’re not really metal, in the pure sense of the genre. But, it would be blasphemy to leave the Misfits’ “Halloween” off this tally. It’s really the quintessential heavy Halloween song, with Glenn Danzig howling like a werewolf and the rest of the band chiming in with their brooding instrumentals. “Halloween” really sums up the eerie season.

9. Ozzy Osbourne, “Bark at the Moon”

Nothing pulls up petrifying imagery more than a werewolf barking at a full moon. That’s the vibe of the title track of Ozzy Osbourne’s popular 1983 album, “Bark at the Moon.” The song’s lyrics of a creature terrorizing a small town is oh-so fitting for Halloween.

8. Clutch, “Sucker for the Witch”

Hailing from Clutch’s 2015 “Psychic Warfare” record, “Sucker for the Witch” is a good Hollow’s Eve track because, well, it has witch in the title. There’s more to it than that, of course. The song’s subject matter seems to revolve around falling for the wrong person, a “witch,” over and over. But, even if that subject matter doesn’t sound too spooky, the guys even reference the Salem witch trials, so there’s that. Also, the track’s blasting, psychedelic metal fits well alongside other metal Halloween songs in a mix.

7. King Diamond, “Halloween”

With his gothic look and theatrical songs and stage shows, King Diamond really is Halloween. His 1986 song “Halloween” follows that subject matter of the ghostly and supernatural, which is a total fit for the fall. Metalheads get what they want, too, as the track features some wild guitar solos and riffs.

6. Killing Joke, “On All Hallows’ Eve”

Killing Joke were pioneers of gothic-industrial rock and metal. Their 2012 Halloween track, “On All Hallows’ Eve,” is a highlight, showing the dynamics between dark and light and life and death. While the song has Killing Joke’s typical industrial underlayer, it’s also a lighter song for the band, featuring soft vocals and an atmospheric approach.

5. Type O Negative, “All Hallows Eve”

Type O Negative’s hair-raising music is purpose-made for the autumn season. Their song “All Hallows Eve,” off 1999’s “World Coming Down,” is a haunting, bass-heavy track that hits one’s gut and soul. That’s not to mention Peter Steele’s chilling vocals. This track has the perfect aura for a ghostly playlist.

4. Helloween, “Halloween”

Could this list somehow exclude the great Helloween of Germany? Of course not. Helloween take their name from the mystifying holiday, and their song “Halloween,” off 1987’s “Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1,” is just right for the season. This song features a passionate mix of dark tones and epic guitars, which makes for a keeper.

3. Mastodon, “Halloween”

While many of the songs on this list are classic, Mastodon has a Halloween gem in their 2014 track, “Halloween,” making it a newer metal song for the season. The track, off their “Once More ‘Round the Sun” record, features a bevy of progressive metal glory. It’s a fast, wispy metal tune and would make an interesting addition to any Halloween playlist.

2. Alice Cooper, “Feed My Frankenstein”

Alice Cooper is the original masked metal maven. In 1992, he released a cover of the song “Feed My Frankenstein” from British hard rocker Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction. Boy, did he do this song justice. Not only did Cooper cover this song, but he made it his own and added some of his own lyrics. Consequently, he earned a co-writer credit for his version. It’s kind of like a TikTok collaboration before it was a thing. Moreover, with this song’s freakish subject matter and creepy textures, it’s great for Halloween.

1. Rob Zombie, “Living Dead Girl”

Was there any way I couldn’t go with this song as No. 1 on this list of the best metal Halloween songs? Of course, many think Rob Zombie and his 1998 single “Living Dead Girl” are overplayed during the month of October. They aren’t wrong. But, what’s great about “Living Dead Girl” is that it transcends the genres and really appeals to a wide range of music fans, not just metal listeners. From the opening, distorted vocals where Zombie cries, “Living Dead Girl,” to the crushing riffs, this is truly the ultimate Halloween metal song.

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