5 Metal Bands That Will Get Huge in the Next Year


Dark image of heavy metal band Silverburn.

Silverburn is one of the five metal bands we think will get huge in the next year – Story by Charles Ken, photo via Freeman Promotions

Make way for the new generation of metal music makers. Here are five metal bands that will get huge in the next year

Metal still isn’t considered the most mainstream of music genres. But, it’s getting more popular. Part of that trend is because of so-called influencers and celebrities wearing metal shirts, even if they don’t know the music of the bands their sporting. Honestly, is it so bad to see a tween who doesn’t know any Judas Priest songs wearing a Judas Priest shirt? At least it’s getting the metal name out there, and maybe that kid will be inspired to actually trying listening to metal and actually enjoy it.

Some up-and-coming metal bands are starting to get big, and we think that trend will only continue into the next year. Here are five metal bands that we think will get huge in the next year. They’re all headbang-worthy.

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect is a newer band, but that doesn’t mean band members are newbies. Quite the contrary. Band members hail from Sweden’s In Flames, so it doesn’t get much bigger than that. The album includes original In Flames frontman Jesper Strömblad and Dark Tranquillity frontman Mikael Stanne. Of course, when The Halo Effect debuted a few years ago, expectations were high. But, they’ve lived up to every one of those expectations and delivered the intense melodic death metal for which fans were hoping.


U.K. alternative metal band Vexed released their sophomore album, “Negative Energy,” earlier this year. It’s a fantastic collection of songs that really go outside the typical metal band’s comfort zone, offering different sounds and styles. A standout on the set is the fast-paced and extreme-sounding “Lay Down Your Flowers,” which features special guest and Alpha Wolf vocalist Lochie Keogh.


Silverburn is the brainchild of James “Jimbob” Isaac, and while the project is now, Isaac is not. Isaac is a prolific illustrator, whose artwork has been commissioned by some of metal’s biggest bands, including Clutch and Mastodon. He’s also the former frontman for the bands Hark and Taint.

This year, Isaac crafted Silverburn’s debut album, “Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation,” which dropped in August. The set features an imaginative blend of thrash, sludge, metalcore and beyond. To craft this opus, Isaac was holed up in his digital home studio for 12 months, and the result is worth the wait. We see big things ahead for this project.

Scream Maker

Scream Maker formed in 2010, so they aren’t new to the scene. But, the Polish heavy metal band is really starting to turn ears with their 2023 studio album, “Land of Fire.” The set is among the band’s most melodic, and that is appealing to a wide range of music fans. The guitar solos and powerful vocals on “Land of Fire” are solid, and the set simply rages. It’s no wonder these guys have opened for the likes of Black Label Society and Motorhead. We think they’ll going to get even bigger soon.

Ice Giant

Boston symphonic thrash metal band Ice Giant released their self-titled debut album back in 2017, and since then, the band has earns hordes of fans by playing shows around New England and beyond. The group has elaborate stage shows with a dramatic orchestral sound, strong vocals and epic guitar harmonies. The band’s new album, “Ghost of Humanity,” recently arrived, and it’s one of the books. We think this band will get huge in the next year.

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