Tool New Album Update: They Have ‘Many Ideas Cooking’


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Prog-metal band Tool – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Travis Shinn

Tool new album update: The guys have “many ideas cooking” for their new album

Tool fans will never forget that it took the band a whopping 13 years to get a new album following 2006’s “10,000 Days.” That album was 2019’s “Fear Inoculum,” which was worth the wait, as the set was considered one of the new new albums of that decade. But, the good news is that fans won’t have to wait 13 years before Tool’s next record drops. In a new interview with Tool bass player Justin Chancellor, he gives a Tool new album update and indicates the band plans to start writing new music when their tour dates wrap up.

Appearing on the latest episode of The Vinyl Guide podcast, Chancellor says that Tool are already thinking of new music. In fact, they have “got many ideas cooking” for the new tunes. But, they haven’t gotten too far.

“We haven’t recorded anything yet,” he said in the chat. “But, we’re quite busy until after the spring of next year touring. So once that’s done we’re gonna get back in the studio and knuckle down and put some of it together.” He added that Tool have already had “a few pretty decent sessions of writing. So we’ve got all the ingredients in place. We’ve just got to really bang it out and spend that time when we’re not touring.”

So, if we don’t get new Tool music right away, what about unreleased stuff? As it turns out, Tool has lots of that. When asked about unreleased material,┬áChancellor said Tool have, “tons from the last album. We have tons of ideas. But not recorded to the standard that we’d put on an album. Just kind of, lots of demoed stuff. And just tons of ideas that are just stored away.”

Tool remain busy on the road. The band is currently on a fall North American trek, and they recently announced a 2024 U.S. arena tour. It really seems that ever since the pandemic and lockdown, Tool have gone out there and played more shows than usual. Perhaps Maynard James Keenan missed live Tool during the lockdown. Regardless, listen to Chancellor on The Viny Guide below.

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