Creed Vocalist Scott Stapp Releases New Song, ‘Black Butterfly’


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Listen to the epic, soaring new solo song from Creed vocalist Scott Stapp, “Black Butterfly”

Scott Stapp is the voice of Creed, and the longtime vocalist will reunite with Creed in 2024 for a much-anticipated summer tour. But, even with all the Creed buzz, Stapp is keeping busy with his solo music. He’ll release a new solo album, “Higher Power,” on March 15, 2024, via Napalm Records. Ahead of the release, Stapp has unleashed a new song, “Black Butterfly,” which will appear on “Higher Power.”

“Black Butterfly” is a groovy, chugging hard rock number with epic guitars and Stapp’s unmistakable soaring vocals. This song “chronicles transformative growth,” according to a statement, and offers a “motivational plea to push through the process of personal metamorphosis.” It doesn’t get much deeper than that, right?

“Growth is a challenging process,” Stapp says in a statement. “I often write aspirational lyrics about getting to that ‘next level’ – knowing what you’re capable of and rejecting the idea that you’re defined by your mistakes. Overcoming difficulty can lead to increased self-awareness and, in time, wisdom that can lead to helping others going through similar situations.”

“Black Butterfly” follows Stapp’s current single, “Higher Power,” which obviously is the title track off the upcoming album. Previously, Stapp also released “What I Deserve,” featuring guest guitar work from Yiannis Papadopoulos. So, “Black Butterfly” marks the third single released off “Higher Power.”

The upcoming solo album will offer “traversing themes of loss, frustration, betrayal and near defeat.” The set will also feature some special guests, including popular modern rock vocalist Dorothy. Marti Frederiksen and Scott Stevens produced the album. “Higher Power” also marks Stapp’s fourth solo album and the follow-up to 2019’s “The Space Between the Shadows.”

As for Creed, this reunion is years in the making. I’ve interviewed all of the members of Creed at this point, and each time I interviewed a member, I asked about a possible Creed reunion down the road. Every single time, band members expressed interest in a reunion but said the timing wasn’t right. Well, now, the timing is right.

Most recently, earlier this year, I asked Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti about the status of a Creed reunion. At the time, he was busy with his other bands and projects, including Alter Bridge, Tremonti and a holiday album. “I’m sure something will happen at some point,” he said. “Creed was such a popular band back in the day, it would be a shame to not do something with it. I know there’s still tons of fans out there that would appreciate it, so it’s just a matter of timing.” I also once told him, embarrassingly, that Creed was the first band merch I ever purchased. I still have the light pink Creed baseball tee to prove it.

Creed’s 2024 summer tour will kick off July 17 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and wrap up with a Sept. 28 show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Openers on the tour include 3 Doors Down, Finger Eleven, Daughtry, Switchfoot, Big Wreck and more, all rotating. The band is also headlining two editions of the “Summer of ’99 Cruise” in April 2024.

Listen to Scott Stapp, “Black Butterfly, below. Stapp’s upcoming solo album, “Higher Truth,” is available for pre-order here.

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