Is Post-Slayer Music In the Works? Kerry King Responds


Image of Kerry King of Slayer

Kerry King of Slayer – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Slayer’s Kerry King has a new project in the works, marking his first post-Slayer music

Kerry King has dropped a hint about his upcoming project after leaving Slayer. He posted a picture of his famous chain, which he wore during his performances with the band, lying on the stage floor. The caption reads “Coming in 2024…”

This image is reminiscent of the emotional moment when King removed his chain and let it fall to the ground during Slayer’s last concert in 2019 at The Forum in Los Angeles. Fans certainly remember that special happening, as it marked the final time they’d see the legendary thrash metal band perform a proper gig.

So, what was the whole reasoning behind that dramatic moment at The Forum?

“One of the reasons I did the chain drop at the last show was so everybody in the building could hear it,” King told Dean Guitars in a 2020 interview. “And it wasn’t something I planned. We were doing the last run, and I said, ‘I wanna do this on the last Forum show so people take it more seriously.’ Like, ‘King took off his chains. He left them on the stage. What the f***, man?’ So people hopefully got that. This isn’t one of those, ‘We’re gonna be back next year and do it again.’ The chains took me through Slayer. I took them off, dropped them on stage, and I walked off, and that’s the end of Slayer for me.”

In other news, in 2022, King announced that he was putting together a new group with Slayer’s Paul Bostaph playing drums. He didn’t give too much information on the project but did mention that the guys had started rehearing in March of 2022 and were hoping to tour after the pandemic was, for all practical reasons, over.

As for King’s post-Slayer music, fans have been trying to guess who else is in King’s new band, besides Bostaph. For a while, many thought Pantera singer Philip Anselmo was in the group, but now, Anselmo is out with the new version of Pantera, so it seems very unlikely. Time will tell. For now, check out the post King put up about his new project below.

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