Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Calls Out ‘Posers’


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One thing I love about Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is how he keeps it real. He just tells it as he sees it and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Well, he’s at it again. Iron Maiden headlined Power Trip Festival in Indio, California, in October, playing their metal hits to thousands of fans. While the festival was a massive success, a new interview has surfaced where Bruce Dickinson calls out “posers” at the festival.

Speaking with Brazil’s 92.5 Kiss FM radio station, Dickinson talked about the festival and Iron Maiden’s set at the event. At the festival, the band performed 15 songs, much as they do on their regular tours, but everything else about the appearance was very different. Dickinson described Power Trip as “a slightly strange experience for us.”

Dickinson added (via, “And we did a good show, and actually at Power Trip, we did a Maiden show. We didn’t do the, ‘Oh, ’cause it’s Power Trip, we have to suddenly do greatest hits.’ No — we did the Maiden show with all the stuff we’re doing on the ‘Somewhere Back In Time’ tour; ‘Death Of The Celts’, everything else like that. And it was a little bit strange because people had been standing out in the heat all day. There was no support band. Completely cold, go on stage. Well, cold as in no warm-up. But, no, I think we sounded pretty good. But it was an unusual situation.”

From there, Dickinson spoke about how it was “a little bit strange for us was that the people who should be down the front of the stage, because the tickets for the festival were so expensive, they were at the back, and the people who were at the front were just like rich people that wanted to film everything on their phone. But the kids who you wanted to play to were at the back. And that sucks, actually. It wasn’t our festival; it wasn’t our organization. We’re going into America next year and we’re doing our own tour. And the people who are down the front are gonna be the people who deserve to be down the front. They’re gonna be the real fans, which is gonna be great.”

That’s when he called out the “posers.” He commented, It’s, like, yeah. Go take a look at some real rock and roll fans — not a bunch of posers who wanna go down the front. ‘I paid 3,000 dollars for my ticket. Look at me.’ F*** off.” Ouch.

Other headliners at the 2023 Power Trip Festival included Guns N’ Roses, Judas Priest and AC/DC, the latter back together with longtime vocalist Brian Johnson. Metallica wrapped up the event on Oct. 8. Moreover, Judas Priest filled in for Ozzy Osbourne, who had to cancel his performance at Power Trip due to health issues.

In other news, Iron Maiden will embark on their “The Future Past Tour” in 2024, taking the band through the United States and Canada with “The Future Past Tour” next year. Dickinson also has a solo album on the way in 2024.

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