P.O.D. Release Blistering New Single, ‘I Won’t Bow Down,’ + Announce New Album, ‘Veritas’


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P.O.D. new album news – Author Anne Erickson, Photo via P.O.D.

It’s so great to see bands from the early nu-metal scene of the 1990s and early 2000s still out there, creating fresh music and getting creative with their art. P.O.D. are one of those bands. The guys got together back in the early-’90s, and they broke big with their fourth studio album, 2001’s “Satellite.” Besides, who hasn’t jammed out to tracks like “Alive” and “Boom,” right? Now, P.O.D. have announced a new album, “Veritas,” and released a new single from it, “I Won’t Bow Down.”

P.O.D.’s current lineup has been together almost from the very start, bringing together vocalist Sonny Sandoval, guitarist Marcos Curiel and bass player Traa Daniels. “Veritas” marks their 11th studio album and will arrive May 3 via Mascot Records. Pre-order the set here.

“We can’t wait for you all to hear the new album in its entirety,” Curiel said in a statement. “We’ve put so much heart and soul into this recording. We are extremely proud of it. We hope to see all your beautiful faces in city near you. Thank you for your unwavering support. We love and appreciate you all.”

Sandoval added, “There’s a first time for everything and the writing and recording process of this record will definitely not be the last. We might’ve just created our best album yet!”

“This will most likely be one of my favorite P.O.D. records,” Daniels added. “There are some songs on this record that are so different from one another, but still have that P.O.D. So Cal flavor.”

In addition to the new album news, P.O.D. have unleashed a blistering new single in “I Won’t Bow Down.” It’s a total banger, and I love it. It really incorporates what that embodies the P.O.D. spirit of swagger and hope. Listen to the new song and watch the music video below.

“I Won’t Bow Down” marks the third single P.O.D. have released off “Veritas.” Last fall, they released the scorching track “Drop” featuring guest vocals from Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe. Then, they also released the hard-hitting “Afraid to Die,” featuring Jinjer vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk.

View the full track listing for “Veritas” below. A press release also teases new tour dates on the way. Right now, the band has a handful of dates set for the UK, plus some appearances at the US music festivals Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple. “More dates will be announced shortly,” a statement says.

I interviewed Sandoval of P.O.D. on the 20th anniversary of “Satellite.” It’s one of my favorite interviews to date. He’s such a warm person, and it was cathartic to talk about the influence of “Satellite” over the years and what it meant to people at the time of its release. The album actually dropped on 9/11.

“They were all about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and all their sad problems. A lot of that kind of sad, emo-core type music was out, too, where everybody was complaining about everything, and once 9/11 happened, it was more about, OK, we’re more of oneness and a unity and that big question of what’s going on in our world and maybe there is (an) afterlife,” Sandoval said. “There are all kinds of questions, and we happen to be one of those bands.”

P.O.D. ‘Veritas’ Track Listing:

01. Drop (feat. Randy Blythe)
02. I Got That
03. Afraid To Die (feat. Tatiana Shmayluk)
04. Dead Right
05. Breaking
06. Lay Me Down (Roo’s Song)
07. I Won’t Bow Down
08. This Is My Life (feat. Cove Reber)
09. Lies We Tell Ourselves
10. We Are One (Our Struggle)
11. Feeling Strange

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