Scott Stapp Says Writing New Creed Album Will Be ‘Beautiful’


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Scott Stapp is commenting on a new Creed album – Author Cat Badra, Photo by Sebastian Smith

The Creed reunion is one of the hottest tickets of the summer. For the first time in more than 12 years, Creed will embark on a lengthy reunion tour this summer. That trek promises to bring lots of hits off the band’s popular “My Own Prison” and “Human Clay” albums. So, what about new music from Creed? Guitarist Mark Tremonti has already told Audio Ink Radio that he believes the band will write and record new music at at some point. Now, vocalist Scott Stapp is speaking out about the possibility of a new Creed album.

In a new interview with Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation,” Stapp said that he believes the band will write new music while on tour. He says that while he and Tremonti were recently working together on a “secret” project, they started talking about how they wrote “Human Clay” on the road while touring on “My Own Prison.”

Stapp said that Creed wrote 80% to 90% of that record on the stage during soundchecks on tour. “We’d write a song, and we’d get it tight, and play it within three or four days of writing it, because we didn’t have enough material with just that one record to be a headliner,” Stapp said. “But we were headlining shows, so we didn’t want to fill our set with covers. So, we were writing on the fly and just playing new songs, you know, as we wrote them.”

Stapp also said that he could “see in his eye,” meaning Tremonti, that there is going to be “some writing happening” and that it’s going to be “organic” and “beautiful.”

“If we get back to that place and that chemistry, which I think we’re going to fall right back into once we start playing these songs together, and we reconnect with through our relationships, through the songs that we created together… I think it’s only natural for us during sound checks, sometimes in the dressing room, wherever and whenever we’re together, that songs are gonna be born,” he added.

He continued, saying, “I definitely think the creative juices are going to flow, and so I definitely think there’s hope for some new music.”

Speaking with Audio Ink Radio, Tremonti said that the band would have prepped new music already if they knew the response to the Creed reunion was going to be so big and positive. “We would have planned ahead of time and done new music beforehand.” But, he also said that he has lots of ideas brewing for new Creed music. “When I’m writing songs, and I go over ideas, I’m like, ‘Wow. That would be a great Creed song,’ and I kind of hold it aside for that day that it happens,” he said. “So, that’s definitely- a lot of times when I’ll write a song that I put on a Tremonti record, I’ll be like, that would have bene a great Creed song, and it turns into a song the people like, but they just kind of get forgotten.”

In other news, Stapp has new music on the way. He’ll release his new solo album, “Higher Power,” March 15.

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