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Original photo of Slayer performing live on their farewell tour with fire.

Slayer is reuniting – Author Anne Erickson, Photo by Anne Erickson

It’s true. The band that everyone had thought really meant it when they said they were retiring is now un-retiring. I don’t know how much of this I can handle. But, it is what it is. Slayer is reuniting, and they’re headlining some heavy music festivals coming up. I saw Slayer’s farewell tour back in 2019, and it was fantastic. Hopefully the guys will be on point again at this year’s gigs.

Slayer have officially reunited and announced their first live gigs back together. Those shows are set for Riot Fest and Louder Than Life Festival this fall. The guys of Slayer performed their final concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California, on Nov. 30, 2019. It closed out a massive, worldwide farewell tour. But, a farewell tour is really never a farewell tour in music, right?

Slayer will headline Riot Fest, which is scheduled for Sept. 20 through the 22 in Chicago, Illinois. That will be Slayer’s first gig since their “farewell” five years ago. Then, the thrash greats will also serve as one of four headliners at Louder Than Life, which is set for Sept. 26 through the 29 at the Highland Festival Grounds at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The festival’s other headliners include Slipknot, Motley Crue and Korn.

So, will Slayer do a full reunion tour? Also, will Slayer release new music? no word yet, and those are, so far, the only Slayer performances schedule for this year. The band’s most recent album, “Repentless,” dropped in 2015. I, personally, wouldn’t be surprised to see Slayer announce more shows this year. That would be less surprising than new music.

It’s going to be a busy year for guitarist Kerry King. He recently announced his new solo band and his first solo album. He also has discussed how much he misses Slayer and that he felt they retired too early. “Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans,” Araya commented in a press release, “and to be honest, we have missed that.” He added, “Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. Slayer means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them.”

I have mixed feelings about Slayer reuniting. Of all the metal bands that have called it quits in the past few years, Slayer is the one I wanted to see get back together the most. But, now I feel nothing is sacred. They were literally the only band that I believed when they said it was a real farewell tour. Now, even Slayer is unretiring. While I’m happy they’re back, I wish bands would just never use the world “retire” or “farewell,” because it truly never seems to be the case. Still, the world went crazy after they retired in 2019, so there’s something extra comforting about Slayer being back. I would love some new music, so I say, bring it on, guys.

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