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Well, metal and hip-hop fans, I don’t believe we’re going to see an Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West collab anytime soon. Osbourne has made it very clear on more than one occasion that he can’t stand the rapped. Earlier this month, Osbourne took to social media to tell fans that he wouldn’t allow West to sample a performance of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” for West’s new album. Now, Osbourne is doubling down on that stance, saying that, “It’s wrong if you don’t say anything about him.”

At the time, Osbourne learned that a sample of her performance of “Iron Man” from the 1983 U.S. Festival was in the song “Carnival” during a listening party for West’s new collaborative album, “Vultures 1” with Ty Dolla $ign. Osbourne said that West including the sample in the song, even though he wasn’t given permission to use it. He wrote, “Kanye West asked permission to sample a section of a 1983 live performance of ‘Iron Man’ from the US Festival without vocals & was refused permission because he is an antisemite and has caused untold heartache to many. He went ahead and used the sample anyway at his album listening party last night. I want no association with this man!”

Well, the good news for Osbourne is that the “Iron Man” sample isn’t included in the final recording that was released and hit streaming services upon the album’s release. But, Osbourne is still glad that he spoke up against Kanye.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Osbourne says, “With the current state of affairs, you don’t need anybody starting people on discrimination of any kind. It’s wrong. It’s just wrong.”

He adds, “There’s enough f***ing aggravation, and he shouldn’t say anything [like what he has]. It’s wrong if you don’t say anything about him. I don’t want any of my work in any shape or form to be associated with anything like that.”

This isn’t the first time Osbourne’s camp has made it clear that they don’t allow just anyone – especially not West – to sample their music.

In a separate interview with Billboard, Ozzy’s wife Sharon said, “We get so many requests for these songs, and when we saw that request, we just said no way.”

“The simple thing is, we don’t want to be associated with a hater,” Osbourne added. “To spread hate the way he does, it shouldn’t be allowed. All the excuses – he’s bipolar or whatever – doesn’t change that. It’s like, f*** you, basically.”

Sharon, in a separate interview with TMZ, said that, “Kanye f***ed with the wrong Jew this time,” referring to her own Jewish heritage on her father’s side.

So, those hopes and dreams of an Ozzy-Kayne collaboration are all but dead. And, yes, I’m totally joking. Nobody would want to hear that anyway. Now, an Ozzy and Jay-Z collaboration? That’s more like it. In other news, Osbourne says he’s retiring from playing shows. It’s not a big surprise, following so many canceled gigs. Find more on that here.

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