Limp Bizkit, Corey Feldman Star in Wacky Tour Promo Video


Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit and Corey Feldman star in a wacky new promo video for their upcoming tour – Author Cat Badra, Courtesy photo via Limp Bizkit

One of the most talked-about tours of the summer is the totally crazy and wild tour featuring Limp Bizkit, Corey Feldman, and Bones. The trek is called “Loserville,” and seeing all of these names together on one bill is quite a head-scratcher. A lot of people didn’t even know Feldman made music, but he does, albeit certainly not at the level of Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit. Regardless, this is shaping up to be an outrageous tour, which should make it a fun one to see this summer.

Limp Bizkit and Corey Feldman Appear in Wacky Promo Video

The tour will hit 24 cities this summer, with the lineup of Limp Bizkit, Corey Feldman, Bones, Eddy Baker, Zavier Wulf and N8NOFACE. Also, Riff Raff will host and MC each stop. “Loserville” will being July 16 in Somerset, Wisconsin, and continue through a bevy of major markets before wrapping up in San Bernardino, California at Glen Helen Amphitheater on Aug. 24.

Now, the tourmates have released a promo video that is totally outrageous and funny. This isn’t your typical promo clip. It’s a whopping 17 minutes long. Do people even watch videos that long anymore. Regardless, the video sees Fred Durst and Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit having a hilarious group interview with Bones, Eddy Baker, N8NOFACE, Feldman and Riff Raff. As you can imagine, things get ridiculous, and it’s not really the serious interview they perhaps expected. Or, perhaps they didn’t expect it.

In the video, Riff Raff is waiting outside the soundstage, hoping that the catering truck with have organic acai bowls. He’s also waiting for Amazon to deliver a scooter he ordered on sale. Say what? Borland also has food on his mind in the clip, as he’s put in a fruit request for organic bananas from Florida. Meanwhile, Feldman is demanding to be shadowed by a body guard. All of them end up talking, and it’s pretty strange but funny. One shining moment is when Corey Feldman requests green M&Ms in true Van Halen style for his dressing room. Doesn’t he know they all taste the same?

To help promo the tour, Durst says, “If anyone comes to this tour, they are in the wrong place at the right time, and absolutely a gathering of losers is what this is going to be.” Wow. If that’s not a selling statement, they we’ve got nothing.

I love the nostalgia of this tour, but I personally would have preferred Limb Bizkit with another major name from that era instead of Corey Feldman, who’s known for his acting. That said, it should be a good time. It’s hard to say who else would have fit on a Limp Bizkit bill from that era, too. Perhaps Kid Rock would have been a good pick, but their audiences are pretty different. Watch the wild and crazy promotional video below.

By the way, it should be interesting to see what look Fred Durst pulls off for this tour. He’s constantly morphing, with his big Lollapalooza look being the “dad rock” look, poking fun at the band’s age. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with some good dad rock.

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