Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi is Releasing a New Book


Cover art for "Iommi - The Photographs." For a while now, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath has been teasing a new book on the way. Now, he's revealing the details.

Rufus Publications has announced a new Tony Iommi book, called “Iommi – The Photographs.” – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Rufus Publications

For a while now, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath has been teasing a new book on the way. Now, he’s revealing the details. It’s not your typical read, either. Rufus Publications has announced the new book, called “Iommi – The Photographs.” It’ s a photo book that has Iommi collaborating with famed rock photographer Ross Halfin to create a 340-page luxury book.

Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi to Release ‘Iommi – The Photographs’

So, what will fans find inside these 340 pages? According to a release, “Iommi – The Photographs” will feature photos from the very start of Black Sabbath through now, including his recent partnership with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. I know there’s so much history to be told, and I think a great way to do that is through photos.

On top of the photos, “Iommi – The Photographs” will offer exclusive written contributions from Sir Brian May of Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, James Hetfield of Metallica and Philip Anselmo of Pantera. The book will arrive in both Standard and Deluxe signed limited editions. So, yes, you’ll actually be able to purchase a copy that’s been signed by Iommi. Each copy of the “deluxe signed edition” is personally hand-signed by the musician, and the deluxe edition is numbered from 1 to 500 copies worldwide. As for specs, the book measures 245mm x 345mm, with a luxury slipcase and gold foil embossing, and features a recycled black leather spine. Each book also arrives with a 3D lenticular suitable for framing. The book is available to be a pre-ordered now, and if you order a copy before July 31, 2024, you’ll get a discount. Also, if you want a less expensive version, the Standard edition has the exact  same content as the deluxe edition, with a printed hardback cover and slipcase, but no autograph.

In Osbourne’s epilogue for the Tony Iommi book, he writes, “If someone asked me, who was the leader of Black Sabbath, it’d have to be Tony, wouldn’t it? We all contributed, of course, but without Tony’s riffs, we wouldn’t have had a chance.”

May adds, “Ross Halfin has captured images of Tony in a huge number of settings over the years, as you will see in this book. The pictures show a man of great power and presence, as befits a giant riff-meister.”

Of the book, Tony Iommi writes, “”I really appreciate all the work Ross has put in, both as a photographer and editor of the book. These photographs represent my career and the memories they conjure up remind me what a fantastic journey we’ve been on. So often I’d look down from the stage and there in the middle of the mosh pit would be Ross fighting his corner to get just the right shot. Cheers, Ross, the book is a testament to our long friendship and the many defining moments in my life you’ve captured.”

A release goes onto describe this read as, “The book is a compendium of carefully selected images compiled from all eras of Tony’s career, many from Ross Halfin’s own archive, and the book also features further exclusive written contributions from some of music’s leading talents and friends of Tony. These include Sir Brian May, James Hetfield and Philip Anselmo.”

In other news, I hope this talk of one more Black Sabbath show happens. Time will tell, but Osbourne wants it to happen.

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