Tips for Getting on Spotify Playlists


Image of a Spotify playlist. There are some tips for getting on Spotify playlists for free that can really help get your music heard.

Here are some tips for getting your music on Spotify playlists – Author Anne Erickson, Photo via Spotify screenshot

If you’re a musician in the current music world, then you know how difficult it can be to make some noise on streaming platforms. But, the good news is that there are some tips for getting on Spotify playlists for free that can really help get your music heard. I’m a musician, and these are my tips.

Tips for Getting on Spotify Playlists

Before I get into tips for getting on Spotify playlists, let me just tell you some things to avoid. Don’t pay anyone to get on their playlist. That’s against Spotify policies and could get you into major trouble. Besides, you want people to include your music because they truly love what you’re doing, not because you paid to get played. So, just say no to anything who flat-out says, I’ll add your song if you pay me money.

That said, a great way to get onto Spotify playlists is to contact curators who are open to new music. How do you find those Spotify curators?

Here’s what I do. Search on Spotify to find artists who are similar to your genre. Then, in Spotify, at least the desktop version, you can look at the “Discovered On” section to see which playlists people are discovering them on. Then, look at those individual playlists, and contact their curators. On their playlist, look for contact information in their biography. Many of these Spotify curators have either an Instagram account they plug or an email address to get in touch. Then, send out a personal note with information on which playlist you’d like to be considered for and your music. Now, some of these people could turn out to be marketing agencies wanting money. But, you can ween out the ones that appear sus.

That’s really by best tip for getting on Spotify playlists. I’ve had some success contacting random Spotify curators and having them like my music enough to add it to their playlists, with no fee required.

Another tip is to get to know other musicians in your community, when it’s people who are local to you or people you meet online. If they have Spotify playlists, maybe you can add each other and help each other get heard. There are also websites that connect musicians with Spotify curators, but many of them charge a fee, so I’ve always steered away from that. No matter what, just don’t get discouraged.

Also, if you would like to be considered to be on my Spotify playlists, feel free to contact me for my playlists featuring rap and pop acts here and playlists feature rock and metal bands here. I feature independent, unsigned talent on both of those playlists and never charge. Also, I have two playlists featuring national talent here and here.

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