What’s the 2024 Song of the Summer?


A lake with sunshine. Summer just started, but we're already talking about the 2024 song of the summer.

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Summer just started, but we’re already talking about the 2024 song of the summer. Most artists release their summer songs really early, so that they get played out as long as possible. That said, we already have most of this summer’s songs cranking out of our phones and stereos. In honor of all the genres, I put together a tally of some of the best 2024 songs of the summer, with one song of the summer for several different genres. Also, we recently posted a story with great summer songs from throughout the years, which you might want to rock over the warm months.

The 2024 Song of the Summer

Classic rock: The Black Crowes, “Wanting and Waiting”

The Black Crowes are back, and they’re a rocking as ever. Their new song, “Wanting and Waiting,” is a great summer anthem, with very catchy hooks, fun rhythms and gospel-like melodies. Chris Robinson sounds amazing on this one, too. The song is about a lost love, and that brings a melancholy, end-of-the-summer vibe.

Metal: Kittie, “We Are Shadows”

Canadian metal band Kittie are back with new music in 2024, and they have a hard-hitting summer metal anthem in “We Are Shadows.” If you love your guitars aggressive and vocals loud, then this is for you.

Rock: Pearl Jam, “Wreckage”

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam just keep delivering. The guys have a summer hit in “Wreckage,” and it shows that grunge is still alive and well in 2024.

Alternative: Billie Eilish, “Lunch”

Eilish isn’t known for her upbeat jams, but “Lunch” is an exception. This song has a pop-infused alternative beat, and the whole thing is just super catchy and summer-like. It’s one of her most upbeat songs ever.

Hip-Hop: Kendrick Lamar, “Not Like Us”

Kendrick Lamar has a smooth summer anthem in “Not Like Us.” This is a long song, at 4:33, but it’s still a great summer jam. All beefing with Drake aside, Lamar has a slipper summer his with “Not Like Us.”

Trap-Pop: Annè Autumn Erickson, “Let the Music Play”

Full disclosure: This is my song. But, I did write it to be a summer anthem of sorts. The song is about getting out, forgetting all your troubles and getting on the dance floor. It’s perfect for a summer night.

The 2024 Song of the Summer: Sabrina Carpenter, “Espresso”

All different genres aside, Sabrina Carpenter’s pop song “Espresso” is really the 2024 song of the summer. It just sounds like summer, with a short, fun, cute pop song. In the song, Carpenter sings about a love interest who she doesn’t really seem into, but isn’t that what summer flings are about?

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