Promo image of the band Black Sabbath with a black background

The Greatest Heavy Metal Album Debuts of All Time

What are the best heavy metal album debuts? Also, what was the first heavy metal album ever? Let’s get into the best in classic metal.
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Posted 21 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
British heavy metal band Saxon posing against red lighting.

Saxon, Biff Byford Interview: Talking New Album + the British Metal Big 4

Interview: Saxon vocalist Biff Byford speaks with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio about the band’s new album, the Big 4 of British metal and more.
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Posted 18 Jan 2024 | Features, Interviews, Metal, Music | -
Tool band photo standing outside.

10 Best Tool Songs

What are the best Tool songs ever? Read on for Audio Ink Radio’s comprehensive list of the Tool songs that have made them who they are today.
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Posted 15 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music, Rock | -
Black and white image of the metal band Metallica.

How Did Metallica Get Their Name?

How did Metallica get their name? Also, how did Metallica get famous? Here’s the story behind the popular Metallica moniker and more.
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Posted 13 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Linkin Park band members standing amid brown lighting.

10 Bands That Wrongly Get Labeled Heavy Metal

Let’s get into some bands that wrongly get labeled heavy metal. Some of these bands are heavy, but these are bands that are not heavy metal.
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Posted 12 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Image of Kerry King of Slayer

New Slayer-Like Music is Coming, Says Kerry King

New Slayer music (not really Slayer, but similar) is coming from former Slayer guitarist Kerry King. He says the new tunes sound very much like his former band.
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Posted 11 Jan 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -
Sevendust and Static-X photos.

Sevendust and Static-X Announce New Tour Dates

Sevendust and Static-X have announced new tour dates. The bands’ co-headlining tour will run well into 2024. Find tour dates here.
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Posted 10 Jan 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -
A photo of rock band Tool.

Tool New Album Update: Justin Chancellor Gives Fans Hope

There’s a new Tool album update from Justin Chancellor, and he’s giving fans hope that new music isn’t too far away.
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Posted 09 Jan 2024 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -
Dark image of industrial metal band Fear Factory.

Industrial Rock and Metal: 10 Greatest Bands in the Genre

What are the 10 greatest industrial bands of all time? Here are the industrial rock and metal bands that deserve that honor.
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Posted 06 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
Metal band Megadeth posing in darkness.

How Did Megadeth Get Their Name?

How did Megadeth get their name? Also, what was Megadeth’s first name? We go inside the history behind this legendary thrash band.
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Posted 03 Jan 2024 | Features, Metal, Music | -
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