Staind’s Aaron Lewis Juggles Rock Stardom and Family Duties


Story by Cat Badra

Aaron Lewis balances work with Staind and his solo project

If being the frontman of a successful band gets harder with age, it’s not necessarily because of the aging process. If you ask Staind throat Aaron Lewis, he’ll tell you that it’s harder being a grown-up rocker because now, you have “adult” responsibilities on top of the typical duties of touring, recording and doing the press rounds.

“I was in the middle of doing my vocals for the Staind record when my solo record came out, so I was working on my solo record,” Lewis told the Boston Herald. “I was touring solo and recording the Staind record. And I was also trying to be a husband and father in there.” Being a good dad is clearly important to the rocker.

As for Lewis’ country stint earlier this year — which had the singer releasing his Town Line EP with the single “Country Boy,” featuring George Jones and Charlie Daniels — he says it wasn’t easy breaking into the country click. “Country radio isn’t all that enthusiastic about outsiders who didn’t cut their teeth in the country world,” he said. “The support is there but not so far as the machine, so to speak.”

Does that mean Lewis won’t flirt with the country market anymore? Not in the least bit. But, of course, his heart is and always will be with Staind. “”It is what it is,” Lewis said, when asked how his band members feel about his solo project. “They know I have no intentions or reason to break up the band or walk away. I just need to spread my wings a little bit.” Read Audio Ink Radio’s exclusive interview with Lewis, here. (Courtesy photo via 60 Cycle Media.)




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