Chevelle Name New Album ‘Hats Off to the Bull’


Story by Cat Badra

Hard rocker Chevelle announce moniker for upcoming LP

Chevelle packed their last album, 2009’s Sci-Fi Crimes, with radio-happy rock tracks that ruled the airwaves, from “Jars” to “Letter from a Thief.” Now, fans are elated the gents are at it again. The band’s latest release will arrive Dec. 6, and the guys finally chose a name for the LP, “Hats Off to the Bull,” as reported by Cincinnati radio station WEBN-FM. Joe Barresi of Tool and Queens of the Stone Age notoriety produced the album.

So, why did the trio take three whole years between albums? According to drummer Sam Loeffler, such things simply take time. “It took us a little bit of time to do it, as any record does,” he told the South Bend Tribune. “We did it with [producer] Joe Barresi who has done some of our favorite records.”

Chevelle are currently on the road with ’90s alternative rockers Bush and Filter, and the jaunt is on the books to close out Oct. 28 in San Antonio. Loeffler says the guys were raring to get back on the road after nearly a year off.  “We’ve got to get our legs back,” he said. “It’s nice to have a break. We have been off for almost a year, just doing intermittent shows, just one or two shows at a time. Being back on tour after almost a year of being off is good.”

The first single off Chevelle’s new album, the metal-laced “Face to the Floor,” impacts radio Monday (Oct. 10). The song foreshadows the upcoming album’s heavy guitar riffs and thunderous rhythms, alongside Chevelle’s characteristic catchy songwriting. Chances are, it will be the most added track on the rock dials this week. (Photo: Chevelle via Facebook.)




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