Skillet’s John Cooper Says to Expect Theatrics on ‘Awake and Alive’ Tour


Story by Charles Ken

Skillet are on the ‘Awake & Alive Tour’ with Disciple, Manafest and We As Human

The guys and gals of Skillet have one gigantic single in their latest full-length, Awake. The assemblage has scored lead singer John Cooper and the clan several chart-topping active rock hits, including “Monster,” “Hero,” “Awake and Alive” and, the latest, “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” The latter is No. 12 on the chart, and mounting.

That all adds up to a lot of fresh Skillet fans, which is perfectly fine with Cooper. “ It’s great to have new fans,” he told the Baltimore Examiner. “You know, I do get fans that will come up and say, ‘I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning and have both your records.’ But, I like that because it means you are getting out there with new folks and it has been a hard journey, but it’s been great. It is nice to have someone come to our show for the first time.”

Skillet are currently hitting the pavement on their “Awake and Alive Tour,” and they’re bringing along Disciple, Manafest and We As Human. The tour runs through Nov. 6 in Rockford, Ill. “I will try to it’s going to be an awesome tour,” Cooper said. “We are touring with really great bands. Disciple is one of my favorite bands in Christian music and are the most energetic band I have ever seen.”

As for what to expect live, Cooper says people are usually surprised by Skillet’s vigor onstage. “Those fans usually say that about us, as well, and were not expecting Skillet to be so energetic,” he said. “There is lots of production with theatrics, strings, duets and a lot of sweat, excitement and fun.”




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