Mark Tremonti Reveals Solo Release, ‘All I Was,’ Will Drop This Spring


Story by Cat Badra

Mark Tremonti launches website to promote solo album

Creed and Alter Bridge shredder Mark Tremonti has long promised an upcoming solo album unlike anything fans have heard before it. According to Tremonti’s just-launched new website for the Tremonti Project, the wait is almost over!

Tremonti’s forthcoming solo album will be titled, “All I Was,” and arrive in the spring of 2012. According to the site, Tremonti will be supported by longtime friends and musical colleagues Eric Friedman on backing vocals, bass and guitar and Garret Whitlock on drums.

Tremonti will take over lead singing duties on the album– something different for the usually quiet six-stringer. Speaking with Artist Direct, Tremonti explained that he’s going to finish up the set after he gets back from the NAMM convention, and then hopes to release it in March or April. “I’m going off to the NAMM convention. When I get home, I’ll hopefully get into the studio to finalize all of the tracking,” he said. “I’ve done all my parts; I just have to go make sure what I hear back is exactly what needs to be there. I may rewrite a chorus or verse I have to re-sing. Other than that, my tracking is done. We have to get Eric, the other guitarist and backing vocalist, to do all of his vocals. In February, we mix for a couple of weeks, try to get it mastered, and hopefully out in March or April…” He added that the release is “probably heavier than either Creed or Alter Bridge, but it’s still melody-driven” and that “there ‘s a lot of soloing.”

In the meantime, Tremonti is stoking up to hit the road with Creed in celebration of the post-grunge band’s 15th anniversary of “My Own Prison.” Tremonti, Scott Stapp and the gang will play “My Own Prison,” their seminal debut full-length, and “Human Clay,” their sophomore album, in their entirety in select cities. Expect to hear classics such as “Torn,” “Ode,” “What’s This Life For,” “One” and more. Tremonti also recently chatted with Audio Ink Radio about his all-time favorite guitar players, and the list may surprise fans. Check it out via Tremonti’s artist page. (Alter Bridge courtesy photo: Ashley Maile.)




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