Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Says He’s Working on Three New Movies


Story by Charles Ken

Tom DeLonge: Angels and Airwaves have ‘three movies ideas that we’re working on’

Blink-182 guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge has kept busy with Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves as of late, and now the punk-pop musician has revealed that his future plans include working on three new movies with Airwaves!

DeLonge is currently on the road with Angels and Airwaves to promote “Love,” the band’s project which packs a full-length film and double album soundtrack, which has also doubled as the band’s last two studio albums. That’s where the idea for three new movies comes into play.

Chatting with NME, DeLonge spoke about Angels and Airwaves’ post tour plans and the buzz that they’re secretly working on an animated film called “Poet Anderson.” “We’ve got three movies ideas that we’re working on, two specifically; one has a completely written script, which I can’t go into yet,” DeLonge said. “But the ‘Poet’ movie is a very large, ambitious idea. It’s about dreams and near death experiences. It’ll have the pacing of a mainstream film, but it’ll look very artistic. It’ll allow us to create a score album that’s very different to anything Angels and Airwaves has done in the past.”

DeLonge also commented about Angels and Airwaves’ new drummer, Ilan Rubin of industrial rock greats Nine Inch Nails and Lost Prophets, who replaced Atom Willard as the band’s drummer in October of last year. “It feels like an entirely new band this time around,” he said. “We have a new drummer, he’s really added something to this band that we were missing and he’s made our musical scope much wider.” (Courtesy photo.)




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