Killswitch Engage Say Decision to Bring Back Jesse Leach Was ‘Very Clear’


Story by Anne Erickson

Killswitch Engage: ‘Jesse blew us away in auditions’

It was already official, but now it’s officially official. Massachusetts metal band Killswitch Engage are back together with original vocalist Jesse Leach. The band released an official statement regarding the reunion today (Feb. 8).

The band explained that Leach auditioned for the role he once called his own and blew everyone away. “After much deliberation and careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that Jesse Leach has rejoined Killswitch Engage,” the gents said, in an official statement. “Our job was to find the best person to fill Howard’s shoes: a decision based on talent and not familiarity.

“Truth be told, Jesse blew us away in auditions. The room seemed charged with electricity. He commanded both new and old material, and proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he wanted to do this. The choice became very clear and apparent.”

Leach — who sang on the band’s 2000 self-titled debut and their 2002 Roadrunner Records debut — feels like he’s back with his brothers. “It is a great honor to rejoin my brothers after all of these years,” he stated. “After some discussion and much reflection, it was obvious to me this was the path I was meant to take. We got together and jammed on the ‘Howard-era songs,’ as well as some ‘Alive’ or ‘Just Breathing’-era songs and we all felt the synergy.”

Killswitch Engage are wasting no time getting out new material with Leach at the helm, as the guys are currently working on their latest album, which is the follow up to 2009’s second self-titled album. Killswitch Engage are also set to play the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest April 22, 2012. (Courtesy photo via Roadrunner Records.)




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