Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante Won’t be at Rock Hall Induction


Story by Cat Badra

Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith says band are already working on new album

When news broke that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would have to postpone dozens of 2012 tour dates due to lead singer Anthony Kiedis’ foot surgery, it seemed nothing good could come out of the situation. However, the guys of the Peppers have squeezed some positive airs out of the unexpected delay by using the time to get a head start on their next album.

Drummer Chad Smith recently told Billboard he and the rest of the band got together in Los Angeles during the band’s recent hiatus. “We just rehearsed and came up with some ideas and new song ideas and stuff and played together for two weeks, and it was really fun,” Smith said. “It came out great — flowing and really natural and like we’ve been playing together a lot, which we have. We sent (Kiedis) CDs and he’s like, ‘I love this stuff! It sounds great. I love the new jams.’ That’s just good for everything; it’s good for morale, it’s good for the future. The future is bright.”

Looking into the immediate future, the Peppers’ touring schedule is jam-packed through the rest of the year, plus they’re getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April. Smith revealed that band will bring up past drummers Jack Irons and Cliff Martinez to play at the ceremony, plus they’ll host a private party the evening before the ceremony.

What fans have really been wondering is whether guitarist John Frusciante will attend the Rock Hall induction. The answer, Smith says, is, “no.” As Smith explained, “He didn’t feel comfortable coming, which we totally respect. We asked him… He said, ‘I’m just not really comfortable with that, but good luck and thanks for inviting me.’ It was all good. He’s the kind of guy, I think, that once he’s finished with something he’s just on to the next phase of his life. The Chili Peppers are not really on his radar right now.”




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