U2’s Bono Helps Courtney Love Get a Condo


Story by Charles Ken

Courtney Love says Bono offered a character reference for new condo

Who knew U2 frontman Bono and Hole singer Courtney Love were friends? Apparently, the two musicians know each other fairly well, and the always-gracious Bono has even recently helped Love score a new place to live in Manhattan.

Love has moved into a new condo in the Nolita area of Manhattan after being thrown out of her a West Village townhouse for altering the apartment’s décor, reported the New York Post. “Courtney has wallpapered and painted a large portion of the property without my consent,” apartment owner Donna Lyon told the New York Post. “I learned about this when I wanted to sell the house and had photographs taken. They sent me the brochure and I said, ‘This can’t be my property.’ I came to New York to see it and I was horrified by what she had done. The walls that had been hand-painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice-blue paint.”

So, Love was in need of a new place, and according to Love, she eschewed a credit check to lock in the new place thanks to a stellar character reference from none other than U2 singer Bono. She gave them several references, but they picked a testimonial written by Bono. “He wrote me a paragraph,” she told the New York Daily News.

Love has already tweeted the good news that she likes the new condo better than her old apartment, but she has received a noise complaint since moving in. “I’ve never gotten a noise complaint. It sounds really lame, being a rock star and all,” Love told the New York Daily News. “[But] it’s all good now. I didn’t know! I don’t do noise complaints.”




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