The Killers Announce Title of New Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Las Vegas alternative rockers the Killers hope to have their new album out this fall

Alternative rockers the Killers are hard at work on a new album, and now, the Las Vegas gents have announced the name of their upcoming fourth studio release. “Battle Born” is the chosen name of the band’s new concoction, and fans should expect the album to reach retail stores and online outlets sometime this fall.

“In a sense, all Americans are battle born,” lead singer Brandon Flowers told Rolling Stone when asked about the meaning of the album’s title. “Our ancestors came here for something better.” The frontman also explained that “Battle Born” is both a nickname for the Killers’ home turf of Nevada and the moniker of their recording studio. Killers drummer Ronnie Vanucci added that “Battle Born” is “living up to its title” because he claims that the disc was “difficult” to write and record. “It’s living up to its title. This is our difficult fourth record,” Vanucci said.

Flowers also rattled off a list of song titles that are slated to be included on the new album’s track list, including “Heart of a Girl,” “Carry Me Home,” “Flesh and Bone” and “Runaways.” The album will be the follow-up to the Killers’ 2008 release, “Day & Age.” In other Killers news, the gents will headline this year’s V Festival alongside the Stone Roses, which takes place in Stafford and Chelmsford on August 18 and 19.




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