Brandon Flowers Confident with the Killers’ New Single ‘Runaways’


Story by Cat Badra

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers has a ‘good feeling’ about the band’s new single

Killers fans are no doubt looking forward to Sept. 18, the date the band releases their fourth studio album, “Battle Born.” Earlier in July, the band released a special stream of their track “Runaways,” which is the first single off the new album.

Choosing a debut single is always a tricky matter for a band. It’s difficult to tell which song is really going to resonate with fans and best represents the upcoming album. But, frontman Brandon Flowers says the band’s decision to pick “Runaways” as their lead single was pretty easy and regret-free.

“’I had a good feeling about it,” Flowers told Billboard about picking the track. “When I heard that march that catapults the song forward, I knew there was something special about it.”

Flowers also explained that listeners shouldn’t think the full album will sound just like “Runaways,” since the guys tried some new, unorthodox things on the upcoming album and did a fair amount of experimenting. “[‘Runaways’ is] a great starting point, but there are more styles [on Battle Born] as well,” he stated. “This album is going down a few different roads, and you really get a taste of what we like as a band and what we think our strengths are.”




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