Aerosmith, the Killers, the Eagles Among Mitt Romney’s Musical Picks


Story by Charles Ken

Republican presidential candidate enjoys the music of Aerosmith, the Killers, the Eagles and more

Mitt Romney seems to be a fan of a variety of genres of music: rock, country, alternative. In an interview with Parade magazine, the Republican presidential candidate chatted about the many bands he “enjoys” and who he would want to see play at the White House if he were to win come November, and the list offered plenty of variety.

The Killers are one group I enjoy,” Romney said, when asked about his top musical picks. Of course, that’s not very surprising, considering Killers singer Brandon Flowers, like Romney, is a Mormon.

“I’d let Alabama come back and sing again, and Aerosmith. Different eras…” Romney added. “I would certainly want to hear from the Beach Boys, even though I know it’s not the same group it used to be.”

Romney also mentioned that he’s a fan of the Eagles and country acts Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith. He added that some of the performers might not take up an invite to play the White House if he was in office, though. “These are not all Republicans, by the way,” he said. “Some may turn us down.” Romney’s wife, Ann, begged to differ, saying that “they would die to be mentioned” and adding that the two are friends with a member of the Eagles.




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