Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer on Band’s Longevity: We Play from Our Hearts


Story by Anne Erickson

Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers says band shares common goal

There’s no denying that alternative funk-rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers have found the secret to longevity. The guys first started creating funk-rock sounds in the ‘80s, and they’re still touring the world and making chart-topping albums.

So, exactly what is the secret to the Peppers’ lengthy career? According to drummer Chad Smith, band members simply share a similar vision and goal: to make great rock music. The kind of music that lasts for decades and generations.

“Yes, I have this fountain outside of my house, and I drink from it every day. Don’t tell anybody where I live (laughs),” he told Zoiks Online. “You know, we just do our thing, and we’ve always just done our thing. We’re always influenced by everything in life; whatever you do, you’re a product of your surroundings, people, places, and things, but we’ve never tried to be a part of some trend. We just do what we do, and that’s who we are.”

Smith added that the guys are “honest and open, and play from our hearts, and that’s what people connect with. I really believe that. Sometimes I don’t even know why. What is it about us? They just like it. We’ve changed people in our group, but we have the same common goal – try to make the best music we can make. Sound-wise, we all have our own personality on our instruments and that comes through.”




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