The Killers Unveil Track Listing for ‘Battle Born’


Story by Charles Ken

The Killers’ new album arrives Sept. 18

Brandon Flowers and his alternative rock band the Killers have unleashed the official track listing for their upcoming fourth studio album, “Battle Born,” and from the looks of the list, the set will offer 12 fresh tracks of Killers fare. The guys will release standard and deluxe editions of the album, both scheduled to hit stores and online outlets on Sept. 18. The standard release will offer 12 songs, and the deluxe version will also include a remix of “Flesh and Bone” and two bonus tracks, “Prize Fighter” and “Carry Me Home.” Check out the full track listing below.

As for the Killers’ current single, Flowers recently told Billboard that he always had “a good feeling” about the song. “When I heard that march that catapults the song forward, I knew there was something special about it,” he said, adding that he thinks it’s an appropriate single for the band.

He added that the single isn’t necessarily representative of the forthcoming new album. “[‘Runaways’ is] a great starting point, but there are more styles [on Battle Born] as well,” he explained. “This album is going down a few different roads, and you really get a taste of what we like as a band and what we think our strengths are.”

Track Listing for the Killers’ Battle Born:

“Flesh and Bone”
“The Way It Was”
“Here with Me”
“A Matter of Time”
“Deadlines and Commitments”
“Miss Atomic Bomb”
“The Rising Tide”
“Heart of a Girl”
“From Here on Out”
“Be Still”
“Battle Born”
“Carry Me Home” (deluxe version only)
“Flesh and Bone” (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) (deluxe version only)
“Prize Fighter” (deluxe version only)




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